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How To Nail Barely There Beach Make Up

By Sophia McMeekin
18th Oct 2015

Any beach babe worth her salt knows that running out of the sea with panda eyes is just not cool. True beach beauty means fresh skin, sun-kissed cheeks, and a good dose of SPF.

But the sun is a cruel and unforgiving mistress–she will expose your pores and throw any illusion of youth you were clinging to out the window, so we suggest you ditch your usual makeup routine and instead opt for subtle and long-lasting beauty fixes to keep you looking swell from beach to bar. And don’t forget to slip slop slap, because lobsters aren’t cute.


If you’re heading to the beach you’d be a damn fool not to slather on the sunscreen. Benefit’s Dream Screen formulation has an anti-shine matte finish and won’t clog your pores, but will protect your precious skin with a no-nonsense SPF 45 formula. How thoughtful.


Subtle, life-like coverage is the name of the game when you’re taking some towel time. The Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser by Nars offers enough pigment to even your skin tone and give the illusion of natural perfection, but is so sheer no one will be the wiser.


If self-tanner makes you gag, but you still want the bronzed look of all-over glow, you’ll dig this sexy tinted serum by BY TERRY. The formula does not contain DHA, but does stimulate melanin production for a real-life long lasting tan. So new age. So brown.



There’s something about summer that makes us want to stink like coconuts and shimmer like JLo’s decollete in 2003. Embrace your inner Latino, and indulge in this heavenly shimmering body oil that’s a pharmacy staple and a beach-side must. Should you choose to finish this look with gold hoops and a saucy romp on a yacht with Ben Affleck, we will not judge.


Plumping and conditioning, this mascara will stay stuck to your lashes even after an epic dunking.


Once you’re done sunning yourself, duck to the bathroom and smudge some of this smushy goodness around your eyes for a subtle and smokey liner effect. For a more full-on evening eye, pat Bobbi Brown’s cream shadow stick in Goldstone on the lids before lining the eyes.


Multipurpose, sheer, and subtle, this gorgeous cheek and lip tint from the natural kids at RMS Beauty has a subtle gold shimmer and a fresh coral hue that suits a variety of skin tones and is guaranteed to give you a youthful flush.


This golden bullet from the makeup legend that is Charlotte Tilbury is purpose built for imparting that sun-kissed glow–it’s called the Beach Stick, der–and can be smudged and smoothed across cheekbones, foreheads, lips, eyelids, and anywhere you want a veil of sun-drenched colour.


Leave the bleaching to your hairdresser and protect your locks from the sun when you’re beached with a handy sunblock serum, like this cutie from Sachajuan.


Post-swim styling means surf spray. And yes, we know, you’ve just dipped your head in the big blue so what do you need surf spray for? Trust us, there is a difference between a subtle spritz of surf spray in wet hair, and ‘I forgot to rinse my hair after my dip and now I look like a homeless mermaid’.


Photo Credit: Vogue

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