It's World Nutella Day!

By Brooke Darling
4th Feb 2016

There’s a lot to be said for the world’s most famous chocolate spread. It has its own freakin’ appreciation day for instance!

There was despair across the globe when news broke that Nutella would soon disappear from our shelves, the company going belly up. Whatever, we say, it was probably just the best marketing ploy (*cough* April Fools joke) of the decade. We all fell for it, and Nutella has never been more popular.

To help you celebrate the big day on Friday 5 February, we’ve uncovered a handful of the best Nutella-laden treats on the Gold Coast.

Doughnutfukwitdis Burger

Ze Pickle

When maple bacon became a menu staple (thanks to those friendly Canuks, eh!), the boys at Ze Pickle, insistent on being the trendsetters rather than the sheep, concocted a recipe for Nutella-infused bacon. Say what?! Yep, two of our favourite things blended like they were always meant to be together. Today you can try their speciality bacon in another outrageous combination—the Doughnutfukwitdis Burger, with a glazed donut for a bun. What will they think of next?

Snickers and Pretzel Freakshake


Our favourite Kiwis weren’t content with the humble milkshake, instead getting freaky with this drink come dessert. Go big or go home, right? For World Nutella Day their Snickers and Pretzel freakshake, with its peanut butter base, cream, and salted pretzel garnish, will also come laden with delicious spoonfulls of Nutella. If you didn’t already know, Burgster makes some of the best burgers on the Gold Coast, so now you’ve got two wickedly good reasons to head on down to Palm Beach.

Love at First Bite

Doughnut Time

We all squealed with delight when, late last year, the iconic green Doughnut Time shopfront appeared in Mermaid Beach. Over at Metropolist HQ, we were quietly happy it was not in our neighbourhood, or hell, who knows how hard our thighs would be slapping together right now. But when your car forces you off the road and into the car park out front, we suggest you head straight for the simple but succulent Love at First Bite, Nutella-filled with cinnamon sugar. Or the Cookie Monster… Or the Ferrero No Share… ha, see what we mean?

Nutella Bomba | Gnocchetti | Bomboloni

Gemelli Italian + Gemellini

Okay Nutella-lovers, it doesn’t get more decadent than this. Flying the flag for the chocolate-hazelnut spread’s Italian birthplace, Gemelli and its baby brother, Gemellini knock it out of the park, offering not one, but THREE Nutella-infused desserts between them. Broadbeach’s Gemelli has mastered the Nutella Bomba: a deep-fried Nutella-filled pocket with vanilla gelati, and the Gnocchetti of deep-fried dough puffs for dipping in oozing Nutella—perfect for sharing. Or sashay on into brand new Gemellini Nobby Beach where their to-die-for Bomboloni dessert consists of Nutella and Mascarpone served in a soft donut. O.M.G. Would you expect any less from one of the best Italian restaurants on the Gold Coast?

Nutella Thickshake

Elk Espresso

Serving up some of the best breakfasts in Broadbeach, Elk Espresso takes pride in filling you with wholesome feeds that love your insides. But when you want to stray from your healthy regime (we’re all so guilty of this), they’ve snuck in cheeky treats like the Nutella Thickshake. It might be simple, but, by gee it’s popular!

Nutella Cheezecake


So you decided some time that you’d quit sugar, eliminate diary, go vegan… respect man… you are tougher than us! Well you need not have withdrawals from your favourite treats, enter Blendlove. While it doesn’t contain REAL Nutella (gasp!) it layers on all those incredible flavours—a choc hazelnut buckini crust, a creamy hazelnut layer of Blendlove’s signature cheezecake (read: not really cheese!), topped with fresh hazelnuts, and vegan chocolate. Yep, at Blendlove you can have your cake and eat it too.

Happy Nutella Day folks!


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