Who Is The Best Personal Trainer On The Gold Coast?

By Brooke Darling
12th Apr 2016

You know, the one who whips your arse on the reg at bootcamp or thrice weekly during an intimate one-on-one session.

Whether you’ve chosen your fitness dictator for the added bonus of eye-candy while you work out (hey, we’re only human right?), or for the more legitimate reason that they’ve promised (and delivered) you buns and thighs of steel—many of us have an extra level of respect for our personal trainer.

That one person you drag yourself back to see, week in, week out. Someone you trust enough to see you red-faced, drenched in sweat, panting like a pooch, and who you know will not blink an eye when you let one slip mid squat. Eep! Do they even know what they put our fitness-inferior bodies through? Like these 57 things that go through your head at bootcamp, for instance.

Show them how much you appreciate how good you look (or are soon to look) in your activewear, by voting for your fave personal trainer in Metropolist’s second reader’s choice poll. Tell us, who is the best personal trainer on the Gold Coast?

Voting has now closed. 

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Photo Credit: WatchFit

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