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Booty To Beauty | Why You Should Be Exercising

By Desta Cullen
23rd Feb 2016

We’ve all cried over seen the endless Vines and Snapchats of lithe lingerie models bouncing between lagree, hot yoga, or the LatestTrendyExerciseSensation™ looking goddamn FLAWLESS.

And as much as we’d like to call bullsh*t on the whole thing (looking good is their job after all), it’s hard to argue with the benefits of a strict exercise regime on your health and fitness because, well, science has also confirmed it.

But aside from the obvious (improved health, fitness, weight-loss, blah blah blah) it’s also better for your beauty routine than all the expensive beauty products in the world.

Bad news for all you fix-it-quick beauty bunnies? Perhaps, but hear us out. Here are five reasons working out isn’t just for your booty; it’s your new beauty secret weapon.

Sleeping beautiful

That thing called beauty sleep? It only really works if the ZZZs you’re getting are quality in the first place. Enter: exercise. The trifecta of beauty “R” words—regeneration, replenishment, and renewal—all happen while you’re soundly sleeping and a solid workout has been shown to boost the hormones that make for deep, restorative sleep. So sleep on, beauty.


You know how our girl Gigi keeps that skin FLAWLESS (apart from being young and beautiful)? She works out like a fiend. Which gives her all the skin side-effects of good circulation, oxygenated blood flow, and general good hormone boost. The proof is in the supermodel pudding.

Feelin’ good

For all our beauty conventions and societal norms, the eye-of-the-beholder effect is still a winner, and if you don’t behold yourself well? Well, it shows. There’s nothing more beautiful than someone that feels beautiful, no matter what their deal is externally. This study found that exercise gives a powerful boost to serotonin levels, which in turn boosts your positive feelings about yourself. Happy = beautiful.

Hair’s to sweat sessions

If you’ve been lusting after a thick, flowing mane, get your butt to the gym. Regular exercise gets the blood flowing to your scalp, boosts nutrients, stimulates growth, and contributes to the strength and health of your locks. Your stress levels are also likely to decrease, so say sayonara to stress-related hair loss and brittleness.

Bye Bye Bumps

Two words, people: oxygenated blood. And no, it’s not the latest sexy vampire filled TV show to add to your binge-watch cue. It’s the reason exercise is good for your skin; circulation is boosted and the oxygenated blood works its way through your body, assisting with detoxification, and in turn banishing acne and annoying skin blemishes. Clear skin for the win!

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