Gold Coast’s Bubble Waffle Dessert Bar Opens & Hello Food Porn!

By Olivia Hillier
18th Apr 2018

Bubbo Dessert Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast foodies, sweet tooths, chocoholics and waffle lovers… sit down and close your mouth (or make sure you’re not in public because drooling is imminent), then prepare for your Insta #foodporn credit to hit next level. 

Why? Well, move over ice cream sandwiches and Nutella crepes, the king of Hong Kong street desserts, bubble waffles, have arrived on the Gold Coast—permanently. Born and raised in Hong Kong themselves, Brissy Bubble Waffle owners first introduced Queenslanders to their creations via various Brisvegas night markets and have just opened their very own dessert cafe in Surfers Paradise—dubbed Bubbo Dessert. Squeal!

If you’ve yet to catch a glimpse of these drool-worthy, food porn waffles, we suggest you take a moment to appreciate their new Instagram account (and give them a follow while you’re there, nudge nudge).  

Bubbo Dessert are recreating authentic egg waffles—a trend that first started in Hong Kong in the 1950s—with a crispy outside and chewy inside served fresh and hot. Gai daan jai (eggette bubble waffles) are authentically consumed on their own, though Bubbo Dessert knows what’s up when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth and creating fun food combos. Stuff your bubble waffle with your favourite ice cream flavours, fruits, choc chips, Fruit Loops, wafers, chocolate sauce and more. 

Or, join the dark side with an Activated Charcoal Waffle—voila, toxin-eliminating dessert. This totally cancels out the calories consumed, right? If we can claim health benefits in a waffle, we’ll take it! Next, fill it with fruit. #fitspo #healthy

Whatever your preferred waffle style or flavour, we’ve been advised you absolutely MUST try the Super Oreo. Yep, our stomachs are rumbling for you Bubbo Dessert and it’s a rumble that can only be filled with an egg waffle with pockets of Oreo crumb! Oh man....

What are you waiting for? Get yourself along to Bubbo Dessert and prepare to be the envy of all your Insta followers. 

The Details

What: Bubbo Dessert—bubble waffle dessert bar
Where: Shop 10, 2 Elkhorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise
When: Daily; 1pm to 8pm

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Image credit: Bubbo Dessert

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