Cracking First Date Ideas On The Gold Coast

By Sally Coates
13th Jan 2016

For those of us who’ve convinced another human we’re sane enough to pair up with, here are some cute first date ideas that are guaranteed to get you a second. But after that, you’re on your own.

1. Movies—This one is a no brainer; you get to sit in the dark and not speak for a couple of hours but it still counts as a date. But if you want to make it cute, go online to book and pay to show you’ve put a LITTLE effort in and if you’re feeling fancy, Gold Class never goes astray. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for your first handholding sesh.

2. Bowling—A little cheeky competition is always cute plus it’s a win-win, as girls love to see guys in their sporting prime and girls will always look adorable in bowling shoes.

3. Picnic—Gather a simple picnic with a cheese and antipasto platter, fruit, wine, and park yourselves on a picnic blanket. No matter what, a picnic will be adorable somewhere like the Broadwater in Southport or Burleigh Hill on dusk will be guaranteed magic.

4. Mini Golf—Again, a little healthy competition is always a great icebreaker and you can always test their patience as you dodge the noisy families and kids playing around you. Parent material? Check!

5. Salsa Dancing—If you’re feeling adventurous and are somewhat confident in your pelvic ability and coordination, salsa dancing is a damn sexy first date.

6. Highland Park or The Panorama—Head out to one of the Coast’s beautiful lookouts and get philosophical while you take in the beauty of the entire Gold Coast and muse on the simple pleasures of life. Talk about philosophy, your beliefs, and similarities. Guaranteed bonding time!

7. Timezone—Take it back to your childhood and run around Timezone like you’re 12 years old again. It’s easy to have a good time with someone when you’re sinking baskets like Lebron and smashing the dance machine like a young Korean prodigy.

8. Miami Marketta or Night Quarter—There’s no better way to impress your date than by shoveling copious amounts of food down your throat and wiping your dirty hands on your shirt. But in all seriousness, strolling around the night markets under the fairy lights and snacking as you go sounds like a romantic first date to us.

9. Yatala Drive-in Cinema—Who doesn’t wish they lived in the 70s at some stage? Simpler times, it seemed they were, so go old school and take your date to the drive-in cinemas at Yatala. Cuddle up in privacy and get to know your date, ‘cause this one’s certain to get you to first (if not second) base!

10. Netflix & Chill—JOKES. We’ve talked about this, don’t you even dare.

11. Tamborine Mountain—Go for a daytime trek out to Tamborine Mountain. Hike and swim followed by a beautiful lunch overlooking the coast. Oh and fudge, don’t forget the fudge!

12. Swanky dinner—You’ll want to book (and start saving now), but if you and your date appreciate good food and drinks (and if they don’t you should probably end this, now!), opt for a romantic dinner at one of the Gold Coast’s best restaurants. Our tip? Rick Shores is sure to impress. Plus it’s easy to bond over food and if it’s not going well, just order more drinks.

13. Arts and crafts—Take your date to The Craft Parlour and show off your skillz, or at least laugh at how unskilled you are, ‘cos there’s no better ingredient to a successful date than a good old LOL.

14. Q1 Skypoint—There’s something special about a stunning view. Skypoint at sunset can’t be beaten and we’re not saying it should be abused for first date brownie points, but it should totally be abused for first date brownie points.

15. Hit the Beach—For something a little more casual, head to one of the Gold Coast’s many gorgeous beaches for some sun and a splash around in the waves. Take an umbrella, Frisbee, and a portable speaker, and make a day of it. But guys, take her VERY seriously when she says don’t get her hair wet, or your date could be over real quick.

16. Live show—Between The Arts Centre, Jupiters, and The Convention Centre, there’s always some form of live entertainment on the Gold Coast. It doesn’t even really matter what you see, live theatre is fun and definitely a little outside the box.

17. Cocktails—If all else fails, make a beeline for one of our fabulous cocktail lounges and let the conversation flow thicker and faster than the alcohol.

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