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All The Things That Need To Happen On The Gold Coast STAT!

By Samantha Kamala
10th Jun 2018

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Got a fat wad of cash and some spare time on your hands but don’t know what to do with it? Allow us to put a few proposals forward. Because as much as the Gold Coast is thriving beyond anything we ever hoped or imagined, there are still a few things us greedy cats would like to see in our terrain. 

Be quick, entrepreneurs. We’d hate to say ‘I told you so!’…

An Independent Bookshop Or Three 

Nobby Beach Books is very cute, don’t get us wrong. But we’re ready for some fresh reading meat. Quite a few indie bookshops scattered across the GC would be nice, but we’ll accept one great one as a good starting point. Complete with plenty of collectables, a Tokyo record store style interior, and a hearty selection of sweets and coffee. Sydney, perhaps you could just gift us Ampersand, Gertrude & Alice, or Berkelouw?

A Dedicated Flower Market

Let’s delight the senses with a dedicated flower market, one so well-scented and colourful it could give Columbia Road in old London town a run for its money. Forget fresh produce and brick à brack. We want tulips in every colour, plants that look like fairy-tale cabbages, and delicate brown paper to wrap our chosen foliage in. 

Our Very Own Portobello Road

Speaking of great markets in London, can we please just shut down one half of an entire suburb and cover it in antiques, records, vintage coats and waffle stands a la Portobello Road? Maybe we do appreciate bric à brack after all. Chirn Park, you’re our top candidate. 

More Live Music Venues

Here’s one that would be greatly appreciated by the masses: more live music venues. Perhaps we need a venue dedicated to each genre of music, so that a classical concerto and a punk rock band aren’t expected to perform in the same setting. Who hasn’t found themselves craving teleportation to a New Orleans blues bar on a Tuesday evening? 

More Beachfront Fine Dining Options 

Given we have 30 kilometres of coastline available to us, we could probably do with a few more eating options that capitalise on that pretty horizon of ours. Not that we don’t love our Surf Life Saving Clubs and the few amazing establishments in Burleigh Heads, we just need a little more variety. TBH, we’d accept a speak easy in a house on Hedges Avenue. 

At Least Two More Variations Of 19 Karen

While many great cities whinge of a ‘brain drain,’ the Gold Coast has often complained about an art drain, with talented creative types feeling the need to flock to more inspiring nests. When Terri Lew opened 19 Karen in 2008 we jumped for joy, anticipating a new wave of artistic times ahead of us. A decade later, the space is still in a league of its own. Time to bring in a few more contemporary art spaces.  

A Really, Really Great Pub

With winter just around the corner, our interstate friends will soon be spending their weekends in really, really great pubs, sipping ciders and scoffing Sunday roasts by an open fire. We just can’t complete. So how do we nab ourselves a really, really great pub with a flawlessly cool yet 1800’s exterior? That’s up to you, dear Entrepreneur. But please note we permit you to relocate the building from Melbourne if you have to. 

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