Keep Fit With These Awesome Holiday Workouts

By Sophia McMeekin
29th Oct 2015

If you love to stay fit and active, holidays are a double-edged sword. On the one hand there’s non-stop eating, relaxing, lying down, and generally working on your emergency fat supplies. On the other: you are in a bikini, pretty much the whole time. This presents a dilemma of sorts.

The answer is the mythical holiday workout. But before you roll your eyes and get back to dreaming of pina coladas, hear us out. Maintaining some semblance of a workout routine while you’re on hols is a smart idea. Not only will make it easier to get back to your former, healthy life when your break’s over, but even a small amount of exercise will improve your mood, helping you make the most of your precious time off.

To help you on your way to holiday fitness we’ve created this handy guide to working out on holidays.

Pack Smart

A bit of prep before you leave means you won’t be dishing up excuses not to exercise when the opportunity arises. An iPod, an exercise mat, and your joggers are all musts, and don’t forget the small stuff, like your sports bra (if you’ve ever tried jogging in a string bikini, you’ll know this is vital).

Beaches…Run on them.

Yes, this may sound obvious, but do you realise how many calories you burn by running on soft sand? Like, billions. Ditch the trainers and slog it out jogging through soft sand for half an hour and you’ll have well and truly earned that Icy Pole.

Want to up your beach run’s anti? Stop every five minutes and run into the sea until you’re waist high, then run out again. This move is why you want to pash every lifesaver you’ve ever met.

Pilates…Do it.

Grab that yoga mat and hit the floor for an hour of Pilates power. Whether you’ve snuck in your favourite DVD, or stream one of the many talented online instructors (our faves are Tracey Anderson, and Pilates Anytime), some mat time will keep your core flat and your mood up.

Hotel Gym…Go Find It

For many of us the hotel gym is a place we’ve often heard mentioned, but never actually visited. We’re proposing–yes, wait for it–that you FIND the mythical hotel gym and actually work up a sweat there. Better yet, grab your travel buddy and make a date of it. Remember, Stairmaster now, sausage roll later.

Hit The Pool

Swap lounging by the pool for swimming in the pool, and get your hour-a-day the easy way. If you can remember how to do it, butterfly stroke is going to be your body-busting move (and because it’s probably been a while since you’ve done it, it will shock your body and deliver results faster).

Photo credit: Pop Sugar

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