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The New Nutella | Where To Get Maltesers, Twix, And Bounty Spread

By Ellen Seah
14th Apr 2016

Nutella has a new chocolate challenger for top dog placement on your morning toast.

Mars is not-so-subtly taking over the world (of spreads) in the UK, releasing Twix spread, Maltesers spread, and yes—even coconut-y Bounty Bar spread—for everyone who has ever eaten or loved chocolate in their lives, ever.

Reactions have been mixed, with confusion primarily stemming from how to approach eating a jar of chocolate and malty crunchy pieces in a classy, adult-worthy manner. We suggest heaping ladles on vanilla ice cream, pancakes, waffles, cakes, milkshakes… the possibilities are endless.

Whether you choose to spread these new heights of chocolate greatness on your morning toast or spoon it straight out of the jar as the perfect calorific Friday night reward (we figure you’re going to fall somewhere on the latter spectrum), these 200-gram jars are selling at the change-worthy price of $13.50 in Australia—so at least your bank account is relatively safe, since your waistline is absolutely not.

Your spreadable sugar fix awaits at Sydney’s British Sweets & Treats (internal screaming). As for the rest of us, we can buy ONLINE (though stocks of Maltesers spread are sure to be screaming out the door), or there isn’t a better reason for a weekend trip down to the home of the Opera House.


This article previously appeared on our sister site, The Urban List.

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