19 Pick-Up Lines You’ll Only Hear On The Gold Coast

By Kristy Lastelle
20th Jun 2018

Gold Coast pick up lines

In the current dating landscape, it’s all about well-crafted Tinder bios and strategically ordered photos. While it’s easy to sit in bed with Uber Eats, swiping left to the beat of your loud chewing... nothing quite tops the serendipity of meeting in person. To help you out, we’ve concocted 19 pick-up lines perfect for the Gold Coast’s sandy shores.

  1. I’d drive up the M1 in peak hour for you. 
  2. Want to eat at Mexicali? Because you’re my juan and only.
  3. You’re the only one I want to SeaWorld with. 
  4. Roses are red, violets are blue, I own a boat and a jetski too.
  5. Your eyes are brighter than Cavill’s kebab store at 2am.
  6. You’re worth the gamble because you’re The Star in my eyes.
  7. Do you use FaceTune? Because your smile lights up the whole room.
  8. You make me melt like my face of makeup in summer.
  9. Put down that Nutella Cronut from Bam Bam, you’re sweet enough.
  10. Acai bowls and chill?
  11. See that girl? I’m going to Molenwinar and Molendinar.
  12. I would move Tamborine Mountain for you.
  13. Do you work at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary? Because you meet all my koalafications. 
  14. Someone better call heaven, because there’s an angel in Hellenika.
  15. Do you come to QT all the time, because you’re a total cutie.
  16. What do you and the SkyPoint Observation Deck have in common? You both take my breath away. 
  17. Do you surf? Because you’re right up my Alley.
  18. Want to know how committed I am? I drive to Burleigh Hill on a Sunday arvo and wait 27 days for a parking space.
  19. I live on Hedges Avenue.

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Image credit: Unsplash

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