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Must Have Tips For Protecting Your Hair At The Beach

By Sophia McMeekin
25th Oct 2015

There’s nothing better than being at the beach, but the combo of all the elements (Salt! Sand! Sun! More sand!) can play serious havoc with your locks. And while we’re big fans of the tousled look, there’s a difference between being a bit windswept and having a bird’s nest perched on top of your noggin.

Luckily, we’ve got friends in high hair places who have given us some tips on how to protect your mane when you’re spending every day soaking up the rays on the sand.

Sunscreen for hair is a thing.

Yeah yeah, you’re slathering SPF 50 all over your bod, but what about your hair? It’s super important to protect your tresses from the harsh Queensland sun, so look for hair care products with built-in UV filters to protect and prevent damage. (Try Bumble and Bumble Colour Minded UV Protective Polish.)

Wear a hat, whydontcha?

Hats don’t just shade your face from the nasty effects of the sun, but they also keep your hair protected. Hats are the accessory du jour at the moment as well, so you’ll be doing your hair a favour, plus you’ll look cool, and isn’t that the most important thing?

Get a chop!

If you’re planning on spending a heap of time in the waves, now might be a good opportunity to get that chop you’ve been going back and forth about. The shorter your hair, the less tangled it will get and the easier it will be to manage all round. Go on, snip snip.

Treat yo’ self

Ignored all the above suggestions? That’s ok, we understand. If your hair has suffered as a result of the elements, you need to invest in a quality hair treatment, stat! Look for an oil-based treatment or intensive moisturising mask and you’ll have your shiny strands back in no time. (Try O&M 7 Day Miracle Moisture Mask.)

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