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Here’s All The Pubs Doing Parmas For Drought Relief

By James Shackell
17th Aug 2018

If you haven’t heard of ‘Parma For A Farmer’, you must've had your head in the sand...the dry, arid, never-gets-rain sand that makes up about 90% of Australia.

PFAF is an initiative from Rural Aid that’s trying to get all Aussies eating more parmas. Why? Because $1 from every plate will be going to help drought-stricken farmers all over the country (any venues reading this, you can sign up for the program here).

What will your hard-earned parma dollars buy? Hay. Literally hay. There’s no grass to be grown in a lot of places right now, so feed has to be shipped in. $20 buys a small bale of hay, and $9500 gets a semi-trailer full of the stuff.

And because we're a bunch of good eggs here on the Gold Coast, there are a bunch of venues helping out the cause like Commune, Daark Espresso, Talle Surf Club and many more. Get on down and grab a parma.

If you want to join the conversation (and there’s a BIG conversation going on right now), check out the Parma For A Farmer FB group.

Don't like parmas? You can donate directly to the campaign over here

Image credit: Elle Borgward

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