Who Is The Best Barista On The Gold Coast?

By Brooke Darling
10th May 2016

Coffee culture has gripped the Gold Coast. Agree?

And it’s little wonder, given our fave weekend pastime is brunching in the sunshine. It also means competition is fierce, so to stay ahead of the pack these days, cafés must have an all-consuming passion for coffee, with baristas who’ve perfected their craft; serving caffeinated brews consistently, and with a smile.

Truth is, the obsession runs so deep, many of us would marry our barista if we could.

We reckon an awesome barista deserves a little celebrity status, so we’re asking YOU to tell us which barista makes the best coffee on the Gold Coast.

Don’t know their name yet? Doesn’t sound like you’re tight enough, buddy. Ask them! And then vote for them below. Maybe they’re all rock stars and you want to nominate the entire café. Go right ahead.

Stayed tuned, the winners will be announced next month!

Photo Credit: Hayley Williamson for Metropolist

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