20 Thoughts You Have When You Move Back To The Gold Coast

By Kristy Lastelle
15th Jul 2018

things people say when moving back to the Gold Coast

Coastal paradise. A winterless wonderland. A sandier version of heaven… Let's face it, the Gold Coast is incredible. But for some who grew up here, the allure of the big smoke drew them away. They swapped bikinis for briefcases and spacious rentals for tiny overpriced rooms.

If you packed your bags for colder pastures overseas or interstate, you'll be back. It may not be today or tomorrow but eventually you'll succumb to the warm whispers of the Gold Coast. When you do move back, these are some of the many thoughts you’ll have…

  1. So you’re telling me I can live near the beach AND keep both my kidneys?
  2. You call THIS peak hour?
  3. Wow. I just walked into a cafe for brunch without putting down my name, waiting 40 minutes and slaying a dragon before getting a table.
  4. Why is there so much spare space on the beach?
  5. A $5 side of avocado tastes a lot better in the sunshine. Worth it.
  6. Do the Sunday blues exist here?
  7. Wait... I can fit a bed AND drawers in my room and still afford to eat?
  8. Hangovers are way more bearable in the sun.
  9. Is winter here a thing, or…?
  10. So you’re telling me I don’t have to spend July with a heater strapped to my chest?
  11. Why are strangers so friendly to me?
  12. Now I understand why people are fit on the Gold Coast... it’s easy to exercise when there’s no risk of my sweat freezing into ice.
  13. Has Burleigh always been this beautiful?
  14. I will be forever in debt to my parents for raising me in a city with 70 kilometres of pristine coastline.
  15. Everyone is so damn happy on their morning walks...I swear that dog even smiled at me.
  16. Maybe I am a morning person?
  17. Acai bowls and beach walks 365 days a year. Now this is the life I deserve.
  18. I wonder if one day my kids will make the same mistake I did...move away and come crawling back?
  19. I really want to brag to my interstate friends about this magical coastal pocket…but then I don’t want to be that guy…but it’s just one Instagram post… Okay fine, I’ll just do an Insta story... Three per week. That’s it.  
  20. Why did I ever move?

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Image credit: Brooke Darling for The Urban List 

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