We Predict | What We'll All Be Eating In 2016

By AJ James
28th Dec 2015

Just like the black blazer and a good pair of jeans, some trends will never go out of style. While others (bras masquerading as tops, we’re looking at you), you’re elated to see the back of. Their time is up, they’ve had their chance and been subsequently deemed either unworthy for the long haul or in desperate need of a timeout.

And just like fashion (pronounced most enjoyably if said as farsh-arn), the same mantra can be given to food. Which is quite a thankful thing given there are a few culprits we need a break from, and exciting alternatives to welcome.

Here’s eight food trends we’re predicting we’ll be eating in 2016.

The battle of the greens

Kale, you’re becoming redundant. You’ve been in salads, smoothies, and toasted to make guilt-free chips (seriously, just have chips if you want chips). Seaweed and all you other seaborne leafy things, you’re up! It’s your time to shine outside of Japanese cuisine.

What’s going on your toast?

Avocado, you are really great. However, you’ve had your moment and it’s time to pass the baton in the toast option relay. Look to the introduction of smashed peas and funky lentil combinations instead. Commune Cafe started doing this many years back and kudos to you, you trendsetters.

What’s good from the ground takes centre stage

If you haven’t heard about the work Bruno Loubet is doing in London at his Grain Store, give it a good Google because you’re going to start seeing this kitchen legend’s approach trickling down to your local café. Note: it’s not about vego food—the meat is there—it’s just not at the top of the podium. Environmental and economical eating? Good news for all.

We’re all screaming for real ice cream

Gelato bars are epic, but nothing beats a good dairy-laden strawberry ice cream. You’ve already got Australian artisan producers like Gundowring Ice Cream selling their delicious tubs at grocers to great acclaim. Ergo, an old-fashioned ice cream bar? The appetite and mind wanders.

Funky as and totally delicious cheeses

As Charles de Gaulle wisely said “How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?” Our point? There are SO many varietals out there and, of late those in the food industry have had greater buying options. So your cheese counter and plate options just got CRAZY good. Get oozy, get onto washed rinds, and go crazy for different milks.

It’s not all about the olive oil

Olive oil will always be king in the kitchen but nut oils add excellent dimensions in flavour. Keep your eyes peeled for walnut and other options a) on menus and b) the shelves.

Kitsch is cool

Remember jelly oranges and cheesy dips served in bread bowls? Well, according to the trend forecasters at Pinterest those old favourites are back. Actually anything jelly in general is coming back. Jelly salad, anyone?

Fermentation is fabulous

The rest of us are going to catch up with those astute and aware eaters who add a little something fermented to their plate. But why? Fermented foods are crazy good for your gut—they assist digestion and contain oodles of good bacteria. Side note: kimchi is a super snack for when you get home a lil tipsy. Mix it through rice and add a fried egg. You’re welcome!


A lover of travel who can often be found in Hong Kong, when not on a plane or walking down a sometimes unsavoury street in search of an authentic feed, AJ (or Amanda to some) contributes to a number of publications on matters of food and travel. She created the platform Pepper Passport: a publication for the avid cook, discerning and curious traveller, lover and sharer of good things, both at home and while away. 

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