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What’s The Deal With Camel Milk?

By Desta Cullen
20th Apr 2016

One hump or two? Not a question that typically finds its way into your local coffee shop, but these are strange superfood-hungry times we live in.

Camel milk is coming to a café near you. (And in answer to the above question: just one hump because Australia’s camels are dromedaries.)

Yes, that’s right. The alternative to cow’s milk, which has been good enough for countless Bedouin, nomadic, and pastoral tribes since, well, about 1000 years ago, has finally made the leap into supercharged food fanatic fodder.

Before you start throwing WTFs all over the place, let us explain.

Touted as the new coconut milk, it contains three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk, is richer in iron (reportedly up to 10 times more), calcium, protein, magnesium, B vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids plus approximately 40 per cent less lactose.

There are even claims that its anti-inflammatory nature helps relieve the effects of autism, cancer, shingles, and diabetes, though this is based solely on anecdotes—not scientific research.

It may come as a surprise, but the first dromedary camel arrived in Australia from India and Arabia in the 1800s for riding and as draught and pack animals, before they went feral. Another fun fact: Australia is home to the world’s largest feral dromedary population, topping out at about 750,000 crazy camels just roaming the outback. Scary.

But back to the milk because now some enterprising farmers are jumping the camel-milk-as-superfood bandwagon, with commercial operations in Victoria and Queensland‘s only farm, the . Although slightly saltier than cow’s milk, its taste, texture, and appearance is similar so it pretty much works as a replacement in most things.

Keen to try it? Here’s where you can get camel milk on the Gold Coast:

Flannerys Organic Supermarket | Paradise Point store only

Laneway Health | Cabarita


Photo Credit: The Fermented Foody

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