Your 2016 Fitness Bucket List

By Virginia Pigato
7th Mar 2016

January was a trial month because we were still recovering from the Christmas family feasts. February doesn’t count because it’s not even a real month, right? It’s March now, so it’s probably time to get around that “get fit” resolution for this year.

The thing is, we really tried. We tried to make it to the 5am boot camp and the hot yoga session, but between the Gold Coast heat and the fact that winter is coming, our motivation has gone from 100 to 0 real quick—like Drake would say.

But, no more excuses now! It’s time to put those Lorna Jane quotes into motion, dust off your Nike kicks and jump back on the fitness wagon; and the only way to do that is to try something new to you.

Lucky for us the Gold Coast is a blend of perfect weather conditions, stunning beaches, and a melting pot of fitness activities to dive into. So if you are sick of the same killer boot camp routine and want to cross out the “try something different” and the “get fit” to-dos on your 2016 bucket list, then here are 10 awesome fitness activities on the Gold Coast that you should test this year.

Aerial Yoga

If you’ve been waiting for the Zen moment to kick in during your sweaty Bikram session and you abandoned the “yoga thing” after almost twisting an ankle falling off a tree pose—you can give it another try with anti-gravity yoga, also known as aerial yoga. The best type of yoga for you is one you have fun with and truly enjoy doing, even after 100 repetitions of the same sun salutation routine. So why not bend the rules and try a style that leaves you literally hanging? You can om upside down at the affordable classes offered by the Anti-Gravity Yoga Shed Studio in Mermaid Waters.

Female-only crossfit session at Crossfit Babes 

Perhaps you’ve already caught glimpse of Revie Jane’s 35-week pregnant body crossfit program kicking arse across news and social media? Revie is the owner and coach of the female-only crossfit box now based in Burleigh Heads. Crossfit Babes creates the perfect positive and thriving environment for women to become comfortable about lifting weights, while bonding in a supportive and empowering local community. Ladies, if you’re the type to get distracted texting and talking to your friends at the gym, this is perfect for you, because your friends will force you to work out now!

The Gold Coast Marathon

Nothing says “I am fit” more than training for a marathon, it’s the ultimate #fitspogoals after all. And don’t get intimidated by the idea that you have to run like Forrest Gump to sign up to a marathon. The Gold Coast Marathon is for all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels; from the 5km to the 10km run, and the most challenging—the half and full marathon, you can finally cross “start running” off your bucket list. Kate Moss, you were wrong: nothing tastes as good as the feeling of completing a marathon.

Latin Dance Lessons

Let’s admit it, our hips don’t lie like Shakira and when that Enrique Iglesias song comes up on the radio, we’re just swinging like Taylor Swift at the music awards. Nothing wrong with awkward dance moves, but if you want to get some rhythm and crush a killer workout at the same time, then you gotta try some Latin dance classes. At Gold Coast Salsa Dance School you can choose between a variety of style dances, from the funky merengue to the suave and romantic bachata. All classes are taught by world-class dancers who are there to shape you into someone who can rock Sean Paul’s music with confidence. Your self esteem and your butt will thank you later.

Spinning classes at Mile High Cycle House

New York has the world-renowned and celebrity adored, Equinox; Gold Coast has the Mile High Cycle House. If you love those sunset rides on your beach cruiser, but you’re in for more of a challenge than those Burleigh hills, then you must check out the new fitness hub in Nobbys. Spinning is becoming increasingly more popular, as it not only shapes your lower body without impacting your knees, it also pumps you up with adrenaline and builds the endurance you need to get you through the rest of the year. Mile High does spinning like no other; and it’s not just about a killer workout. Every class starts with a moment dedicated to setting an intention and clearing your head, before you dive into an intense workout and expel your post-office frustrations. Good for the soul and good for the body, it’ll make life seem like a sweet and sweaty ride.

Free fitness activities with The 4220 Project

Working out by yourself is not nearly as fun as having company who motivate you and laugh with you when you are struggling to get up after a burpee. But truth is, all of your friends prefer to go out for brunch and dance all night, and don’t want to join in on your crazy 20km runs. Well, good news is you don’t need to get rid of your friends to get fit. Or at least, not yet. The 4220 Project is a local fitness community of fit and inspiring people who challenge themselves with runs, swims and all sorts of fun activities for the cost of ZERO dollars and the value of being active, while making new friends. If you were searching for that excuse to use the #fitsquad hashtag on Instagram, then you just found it.

Gold Coast City Council also offers a host of regular free or low cost fitness sessions from yoga to SUP’ing, park running, group fitness, and tai chi. You can check out the line up here.

Reformer pilates classes at Pilates & Co

Long office hours and scrolling through your Instagram is definitely affecting your posture, shown by your back looking more and more like a question mark. Well, do you know what builds that Audrey Hepburn-ballerina posture? Pilates. Pilates is the hardcore, yet still classy sister of yoga. Through challenging movements that reform your spine, while leaning and shaping your body, the reformer pilates classes at Pilates & Co in Miami will shape your posture into a beautiful exclamation mark and leave your body steaming from all those ab-making machines. Baby got back, and it’s perfectly straight.

Monkey workout at The Zuu

You have gone paleo and followed the caveman lifestyle, and are officially addicted to the high-intensity crossfit game. Well, Zuu is the caveman 2.0 workout, except the caveman has morphed back to a neanderthal. Zuu was born from scientific research of an effective training lifestyle, ranging from primal movements and high-intensity workouts that mix bodyweight and strength training techniques. If crossfit has become too mainstream for you and you feel limited by the average strength training gym routine, Zuu will crush your boredom, reshape your body and might turn you into a fit and agile primate in the process. You know what they say… Monkey say, monkey Zuu.

Old School Hip-Hop classes at Dance Skool

If all you do is listen to hip-hop and watch choreographies of dance schools slaying Beyonce’s songs on YouTube, then you’re ready to join a hip-hop class. You may feel intimidated at first, but we’re confident you will find your funk. Dance Skool offers hip-hop classes for all age groups and dance styles, taught by street dancers and aficionados. You’ll be able to work it like Missy Elliott and not hurt your back trying to twerk to Rihanna’s “Work” in zero time.

Clear your mind at the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga

We know the importance of sweating daily and fueling our bodies with healthy foods, but what about the mind? Stress, anxiety, and sadness from the overwhelming busy lives we lead can often drive us loco, so make sure you incorporate a workout for the mind as well. The Australian School of Meditation and Yoga is offering a yoga and meditation challenge ($99), starting April 1 that will help you clear and ease that over thinking machine on your neck. You don’t need to pull an “Eat, Pray, Love” move to find clarity and mindfulness; Nirvana is just around the corner. (Hint: it’s inside of you).

Want more yoga, check out some of the best yoga and pilates studios on the Gold Coast here.

So what will you do to kick your own arse this year?

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