10 Maxed Out Cheese Dishes We Want Right Now

By Desta Cullen
11th Nov 2015

Brisbane's best cheese dishes

'Ou est la fromage?', 'Donde esta queso?', 'Dove et il formaggio?' You may not speak French, Spanish or Italian but the (very) serious question remains: ‘Where is the flippin’ cheese?'

Whether it’s in curd form, soft and gooey, rennet-laden, on a platter, grated over everything, in our ice cream (bear with us) or smooshed between two burger buns, cheese is an office obsession necessity.

It’s probably safe to assume we’ve got cheese on the brain at least 50% of our waking hours and 90% of our dreamtime, so it’s only natural that we would hunt down the best maxed out cheese dishes Brisbane’s fine restaurants and cafes have to offer on the reg’.

Even the lactose challenged and vegans are going to struggle to avoid this list, tbh.

Say cheese, and get reading this list of Brisbane’s best cheese dishes we want right now.

1. Morning After’s Breakfast carbonara—pecorino romano is the star of this creative dish so, obvs, we love it.

2. All the cheese at The Stores’ special cheese cave—because, duh, a whole room dedicated to cheese is more than we can even…

3. Filthy Fries at Getta Burger West End—cheese, chilli and a jumbled but delish mess of fries. Yum.

4. Corbett & Claude’s Golden Fields pizza—is there a more heavenly combo than walnuts, pear and a nice stinky blue? We think not.

5. Buffalo Bar’s Monterey Jack corn bread with smoked butter—Monterey Jack cheese inside corn bread? Holy smokes, we are sold.

6. Let Minnow Café’s Gravy Boat—This gravy boat includes hand-cut chips and haloumi, plus gravy. Did we mention haloumi?

7. The ricotta gelato at La Macelleria in Teneriffe—Cheese-based ice cream is a new frontier that we want to continue exploring.

8. Triple Cream Brie at Black Pearl Epicure—We won’t accept anything less than three creams…

9. The Blue Cheese Burger at BUZZ Gasworks—gorgonzola piccante, anyone?

10. The formaggi misti del giorno at 1889 Enoteca—The Italians know their way around a cheese platter so clearly this is a winner. 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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