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10 Ways To Chill The F Out In Brisbane

By Rachel Lay
3rd May 2016

Sometimes you just need to close your iCal, x out of your inbox and forget that you have over 20 points on your to-do list of work / assessment / cleaning that needs to be done and take a little time to #treatyoself. It can be hard to find a way to actually relax for a second without letting your mind drift to a pending deadline, or even a pending plot line (is Jon Snow alive? Did Steven Avery do it? Why didn’t LC go to Paris?), we totally get that. So, in a bid to make Brisbane a whole lot more chill, and preserve our sanity, we’ve compiled this list of ways to relax in Brisbane. Namaste.

#1 Go Floatin’

Floating may sound weird, but trust us when we say it will change your life. The sensory deprivation experience means that your mind is forced to slip into a state of pure, unadulterated relaxation. The experience is akin to floating in space: your mind takes a break from the world’s stresses and is free to fully relax; it doesn’t even need to focus on helping you float because the concentration of magnesium in the water does all the hard work (it’s also great for your skin!). Float Brisbane is your go-to for a floating experience in Brisbane, FYI.

#2 Treat Yo’ Feet

A foot massage is one of life’s greatest treasures. Pho Thai on Brunswick Street does a killer foot massage with all the trimmings. Full relaxation starts with a green tea, or champagne: your choice. A foot scrub, soak and massage are made all the better with a spot of reflexology. The massage also opens up your energy lines so when you do head back to the real world you’re going to be killing it with your new found energy. Like all good things, the treatment ends with a neck and shoulder massage.

#3 Head To The Spa

Nestled in the green, rolling hills of Brookfield sits One Wybellena. It’s like that fantasy you have of ditching your responsibilities by heading to ‘the spa’ and spending your day wrapped up in a big fluffy robe experiencing total relaxation, kinda like Daphne’s mum in Legally Blonde (if you haven’t considered this as an option before, you’re lying). One Wybellena is the perfect place to enact this fantasy. With a list of treatments including a deluxe chocolate scrub, One Wybellena is the answer to your stress probs.

#4 Eat Your Body Weight In Cheese (And Wine)

Pack your picnic blanket, make an epic cheese board at The Stores, bring a bottle(s) of wine and make tracks for an afternoon in the sun at New Farm Park. Is there anything that an afternoon lazing around in the sun with wine and cheese and some salacious gossip can’t fix? Surely it can only be topped by the post wine and cheese snooze in the sun? Plus, you’ll get a hit of vitamin D which give you that added boost to slay your to-do list (tomorrow, obviously).

#5 Whip Out Your Yoga Mat

The Australian School Of Yoga And Meditation in West End know a thing or two about relaxation. Their roster of yoga and meditation classes will have you meeting your calmest, most relaxed self for the first time. The Deep Peace Classes are seriously amazing and the closest thing in life to the proverbial ‘chill pill’.  Plus, practicing yoga makes for a calmer life anyways, so get on that!

#6 Volunteer with some pups at the RSPCA

Puppies are the answer to all of life’s probs. You don’t need to own a puppy to reap the chill vibes though, you can do double the good and help out the good folk at the RSPCA or The Animal Welfare League while you up your puppy cuddle quota for the day. Both charities take on volunteers for after walk dog walking jaunts, which is the perfect way to de-stress and even the super hard task of cat cuddling.

#7 Go To A Drinking And Painting Class

Sometimes you just need a glass of wine and a canvas to unleash your creativity (slash frustrations?). Thankfully, Cork and Chroma offers the perfect place to do just that. You can learn how to create a masterpiece while throwing back glasses of wine – what could be better? Not only will you have such a fab time you’ll forget about your worries, you’ll also score some epic artwork to spruce up your house. Winning!

#8 Cuddle Up With Some Cats And A Coffee

While Brisbane isn’t as spoiled for choice when it comes to cat cafes as say, Japan, we’re still blessed with options. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with an adorable kitty and a cup of coffee to put all your stress to the left. The cats at Lucky Cat Café are rescue cats too, so you’re doing an even better deed!

#9 Get A Cheese Cake From Jocelyn’s Provisions

Sometimes a cake is all you need to solve life’s little stress points, we totally get it. When cake is the only way to calm us down there’s only one port of call – Jocelyn’s cheesecake. It’s equal parts savory and sweet and uber decadent. You can kiss your stressed little thoughts good bye with just one bite of this deliciousness.

#10 Visit A Community Farm

If you can’t quite hack the time off work to get away to the country, a city farm is the perfect solution. There’s nothing quite like a home made meal with fresh, organic local produce to let your mind chill out for a second. In Brisbane, head to Northey Street City Farm on their market days and fill your basket with all of the fresh, local vegies. Healthy body equals healthy mind.. right? 

Image credit: Levi's Puppy Corner

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