11 Docos On Netflix That Will Make You Smarter

By Jessica Best
11th Dec 2017

Remember back in the day when the older and wiser said TV won’t make you smarter? Well the joke’s on them because back in the day, Netflix wasn’t the glorious online sanctuary packed to the rafters with highly-acclaimed docos worthy of countless binge-fests. 
We’re talking conspiracy theories, illusions, The Disclosure Project, slavery, fast fashion, the environment and the biggest sporting scandals of all time explained. You know, to squeeze between endless hours bingeing Downton Abbey.

Here are nine docos on Netflix that will make you instantly smarter (near enough anyway).


Oh yes, this doco looks at all the major conspiracies you should know about including aliens, government cover-ups and secret assassinations. It’s broken up into episodes which makes for super easy watching. Because everyone needs a little debrief on their morning commute about theories that say the Cold War was the work of just one man.

Brain Games

Brain Games is the super cool pseudo-doco series using games, illusions and experiments to show you how your top paddock manufactures reality and plays tricks on you. It originally aired on National Geographic and features magicians, neurologists, brain athletes and sound engineers to explain how and why we perceive things the way we do.


Ever heard of the Disclosure Project? It’s a project headquartered in Virginia totally dedicated to disclosing the facts about UFOs and all that weird space saga. In any case, noted expert Dr. Steven Green interviews a bunch of witnesses and presents classified documents which look at whether or not ET-like beings are even real. And we’re thinking given everything that’s happened in 2017, you’ll want to be across this doco, you know, just in case.


No doubt you’ve probably watched this one four times over, given all the hype about Thirteenth earlier this year. So, we’re just doing our civic duties and giving you one last push to watch it if you haven’t already (because it’s terrific, obvs). Not only is the cinematography in this bad boy awesome, but it follows a chain of epic interviews that discuss the history of racial inequality in the US forged by politics and economics.

The True Cost

The True Cost looks at the fast fashion industry but more importantly focuses on the link between consumer pressure for low-cost high fashion and low-wage workers. Expect 90 minutes of an info-overload as the doco examines consumerism, the mass media, environmentalism and global capitalism.

Nobody Speak: Trials Of The Free Press

The trial between Hulk Hogan (arguably) one of the greatest wrestlers of all time) and Gawker Media raises major issues about how big money can silence the media. Basically, Hogan sued the media company for posting a sex tape (#scandalous) but this doco reveals how the whole ordeal was hiding the truth. We know, intrigue.

Chasing Coral

If Chasing Coral isn’t on your radar for things to watch this year, it should be. As the growth of coral reefs is slowing, a team of scientists and photographers go on an incredible expedition to find out the real reason why these beauties are vanishing.


Educate yourself on one of the biggest sporting scandals in history. Behold—Icarus. The messy, geopolitical stout of genius you’ll want to wrap your head around. When Bryan Fogel volunteered himself as tribute to uncover the ‘unknown’ about doping in sport, he had no clue that his journey would uncover so much about the sporting industry.


People are calling this doco one of the most inspirational films to date and we can confirm it pretty much is and you’ll most definitely be left speechless afterwards. Given is the story of a family travelling the world in the quest for good surf but it’s told through the experience of a young boy and his perspective on life. You’ll either learn the meaning of life or just have one helluva watch on your hands but either way, this one should be added to your list of things to watch STAT.

Here's 8 Netflix docos that will change the way you think. 

Image credit: Chasing Coral, Netflix

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