18 Things Every Brisbaner Has Said On A Night Out

By Catherine Blake
29th Apr 2016

To be honest, if you can actually remember what you said last night you probably weren’t really ‘out’ in the fullest capacity that you could have been. Most of my best memories are lost to the haze of drunken evenings on the town. Amid patchy recollections of flashing lights, bad decisions, and the smell of Macca’s fries, here are a few key phrases the slice through the miasma on a night out in Brisbane.

  1. Well damn if this isn’t the best darn espresso martini I’ve ever had.
  2. Sorry I can’t hear you. It’s just gone 10 and the clock tower’s going mental.
  3. Meet you at Fridays. Yeah, I know it’s Saturday. Yep, very funny Dave.
  4. Where does everyone go these days?
  5. Can I get a round of five wet pussy shots? No, I’m not waiting for anyone, they’re all for me.
  6. Cover charge? Screw that, let’s go to Dunder.
  7. Is that Stefan? What’s he doing this far away from his Skyneedle? Do you reckon it’s fun living in a Skyneedle?
  8. Where should we go next?
  9. Eurgh, Uber’s in a surge. I guess we’re walking to Limes…
  10. What I wouldn’t give for a late-night artisanal farmer’s market.
  11. The music at The Beat is incredible. We should come here every night.
  12. Mate, how far away is Pancake Manor? I’m fanging for a crêpe.
  14. Damn these basics are expensive. At this rate I’ll have to sell my kidneys to destroy my liver.  
  15. Fluffy’s on tonight? Oh wow, I guess it must be Sunday.
  16. Is this pilsner craft?
  17. Did you know that Empire, Cloudland and Family are all joined by underground tunnels? No, seriously I’ve been down there.
  18. Let’s start a band.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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