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2 Minutes With Cloud Control | Laneway Festival

By Phil Swan
13th Dec 2013

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Cloud Control have a come a long way since recording their first EP back in '08. They've supported the likes of Foo Fighters, Weezer and Supergrass. They've been nominated for multiple ARIAs, and J Awards. They've toured the heck out of Australia, done the rounds overseas, and produced arguably one of the best Australian albums of 2013, Dream Cave. The bands' second album, Dream Cave was released in August this year, and rocketed to #9 on the ARIA charts, and they've been selling out venues around the country ever since.

Cloud Control have already achieved so much in so short a time, but we've got one more notch to add to their belt: Curating an Urban List TGIF Mixtape!

We caught up with Ulrich from Cloud Control to talk about their upcoming festival duty for Laneway Festival, and some of their favourite spots in Brisbane.

TUL: Tell us in one sentence who you are, and what you do?
I am Ulrich, drummer in Australian rock'n'roll band Cloud Control.

TUL: You guys have really been killing it this year. Are you stoked with how your album Dream Cave has been received?
Super stoked thanks. It's always nice to think people like our music - the feeling never gets old.

TUL: What are the pros and cons of doing your own headline tour, compared to playing on an amazing line-up like Laneway Festival 2014
When you're headlining, the shows are about you which is a pretty cool vibe, whereas Laneway is more about the family of rad bands that make it into a party. It's almost more about what goes on off-stage, than it is on.

TUL: Besides Laneway, what else are Cloud Control up to in 2014?
Plenty of touring, hitting Europe, North America and Aus' a few times, sitting in a van, driving, sleeping. (TUL: Hopefully not at the same time..)

TUL: What's the best live music venue in Brisbane and why?
The Zoo, because of that really functional fire escape in the middle. And The Tivoli because it is beautiful.

TUL: What's one of the weirdest things you've seen at one of your gigs?
We actually had our first close encounter with a bra the other day in Germany. After pelting Jez with her undergarments, she took to stage to party-dance to our slowest, least-danceable song. Not that weird, just funny.

TUL: Where is the strangest place you've heard one of your songs played?
It still freaks me out to hear us over bathroom loudspeakers.

TUL: What are some of your local haunts when you're in Brissie?
Pink Flamingo. No wait, I think its just called Flamingo Cafe. We have gone there pretty much every single time we have been in Brissie the past 5 years. Best breakfasts, best avo shake and best waiter hair. Also, I never knew that's how you spell Brissie!

TUL: You've got $50 left, what are you spending it on?
A really good burger.

TUL: What is your most played song in your iTunes?
I don't use iTunes, but lastfm tells me most played of all time is Weird fishes/arpeggi by Radiohead. That's pretty odd, I haven't listened to that in years. Must have crushed it back in the day I guess...

Thanks so much to Ulrich from Cloud Control for spending two minutes with us. You can still grab tickets to Laneway Festival Brisbane HERE 

In the meantime, crack a beer and get pumped for the TGIF mixtape, curated by Cloud Control. (We may or may not have added a couple of their own songs in also...)

Cloud Control by The Urban List on Grooveshark

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