20 More Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
16th May 2017

things you'll remember if you grew up in brisbane

Brisbane you sun-drenched city of splendours! Our sweeping urban landscape is considered a third parent to the many millions who were raised on this sub-tropical floodplain. High-profile national treasures like The Veronicas, Leigh Sales, and Charlie Kingsford Smith count themselves lucky to have been born and reared on a diet of bananas, sugar cane and excessive quantities of sunshine.

We bloody love a good reminisce so hop aboard this fun-filled trip down memory lane for another 20 things you’ll remember if you grew up in Brisbane:

  1. Birthday parties at Jojo’s on the Mall.
  2. The whole mango situation.
  3. Shivering dramatically and moaning about frostbite the moment the temperature dipped below 22 degrees.
  4. The shock and horror of finding out there were sunscreens with an SPF below 30.
  5. Knowing that Indooroopilly Shopping Centre was THE place to hang out after school.
  6. When King George Square had actual grass you could frolic on.
  7. Buying your first umbrella.
  8. Scooping hailstones off your lawn after a hectic storm.
  9. The first time you went to Dreamworld and it was the tits.
  10. The twelfth time you went to Dreamworld and you realised it wasn’t the tits.
  11. Bawling inconsolably when Tops, the Myer Centre’s micro theme park, closed down.
  12. Your dad telling you all about the ’74 floods.
  13. The original Christmas decorations that used to go up out the front of David Jones.
  14. Playing a real-life game of minefield with the bindis in your backyard.
  15. The whimsical lilac decadence of the New Farm Park jacarandas in full bloom.
  16. Being regaled with all the stories of Expo ’88.
  17. Getting scorched by the little metal bit of your seatbelt in the height of summer.
  18. Willing to lay down your life guarding the spoils of your Ekka showbag.
  19. Sweltering through grade five’s rendition of ‘Let It Snow’ during your primary school’s carols evening.
  20. Having absolutely no goddamn idea what the hell the point of the Skyneedle was but fiercely defending it as the pinnacle of taste anyway. 

Image credit: MyFun

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