20 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Brisbane

By Jessica Pridmore
23rd Aug 2016

20 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In Brisbane

If there was ever a type of flora that we, the people of Brisbane identify with on a spiritual level you know it would be a cactus; we're MADE for extreme conditions like clear skies, maximum humidity, and breezes that smell like promise. The concept of seasonal heat is utterly foreign to us, and where most would have fled in search of cooler climates, we brave few stayed to face the almost uncomfortably clement weather.

If you were raised in Brisbane you were built to last, and anyone reared in this sun-drenched paradise will share a few choice memories that serve as pleasant reminders of a simpler time.

Here’s 20 things you’ll remember if you grew up in Brisbane:

  1. The rollercoaster at the top of the Myer centre.
  2. All the leftover Expo ’88 merchandise walking around.
  3. Staying home from school because the temperature reached 40+ degrees.
  4. Birthday parties at Amazons.
  5. Getting barnacle envy from the floating humpbacks in the whale mall-come-museum alley.
  6. Holding out through the finance report for the weather with Jenny Woodward.
  7. Kitting yourself out with kitsch stationery from Morning Glory.
  8. Losing all sense of time and space during a hectic sesh at Laserforce.
  9. School camp at Tallebudgera.
  10. Catching a cheeky Wiggles matinee at QPAC.
  11. Breaking into the dinosaur pen at the museum and then getting to meet all the security guards.
  12. Questioning your physical reality at the Science Centre.
  13. Midnight prayer and moon worship at the Skyneedle.
  14. Shouting your mate a lift home with your Ten-Trip Bus Saver.
  15. Anticipating the Ekka like it was your birthday.  
  16. Competing in Met North/South/East/West and getting to wear those dope socks.
  17. Getting in trouble for playing with the Yorktown sugar bowls at the original Shingle Inn.
  18. Falling into the rose garden in New Farm Park and discovering what true agony means. 
  19. Hearing all about Brisbane's creepiest rumours and not being able to sleep for a week. 
  20. Spending an improving afternoon at the planetarium.

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