23 Desserts You Should Have Eaten if You Live in Brisbane

By Ashton Rigg
20th Apr 2015

Balfour Kitchen | Image credit: Daniel Maddock

There is a phenomenon in the scientific world where genetically superior individuals are gifted with an unnatural ability to squeeze in dessert where mere mortals fail. 

They call it a dessert stomach. Some question whether it’s a blessing or a curse. Those are the same people who fill up on bread and wave away the menu after mains. Amateurs. 

Those people aren’t reading this. You are, dear Urban Lister, because the title spoke to you. Dessert? I love dessert. Eat? I do that often. Brisbane? I live there! You felt a yearning deep in your dessert stomach. Here are 23 ways to satisfy those cravings.

1. Bitter Suite’s Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshake

Have one of these cream-crowned bad boys plonked on your table at Bitter Suite and it will be met with a chorus of oohs and ahhs. It’s pie in a jar flecked with meringue. There’s also a peanut butter version drizzled with Reece’s sauce too. I mean, come on.

2. Cowch’s Naked Pops 

At a restaurant that serves dessert for breakfast, brunch and dinner, it’s hard to pick a standout. Cowch’s signature naked pops adorn the wall like an art installation and can be dressed up in whatever ensemble you choose: dark chocolate, white chocolate, almonds, coconut, rice puffs… or all of the above.

3. Alfred & Constance’s Strawberry Glazed Doughnut Burger with Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Did you even read that? LOOK AT IT. It’s a goddamn Doughnut Time doughnut split in half by the hand of God, warmly embracing a big ol’ scoop of ice cream that has sprinkles made from unicorn tears. It’s so beautiful. 

4. Choc Komberry Co’s Cookie Monster Milky Buns

Croughnuts, cruffins, donuttos, suncrodoes… nobody does hybrid desserts like Choc Komberry Co. We’ve picked one of their plainer menu items, but in this case ‘plain’ means shockingly blue ice cream in a sweet roll, with an injection of hot Nutella. Just pump it straight into my veins. 

5. Bacchus Dessert Degustation 

I will spruik Bacchus’ five-course dessert phenomenon to anyone who listens. And even those who don't. It’s five courses on paper but 10 in reality, when every item comes with a pre-dessert or palate cleanser. The sticky polenta lemon cake and chocolate brownie are particular high points. 

6. Nantucket’s Sable Ice Cream Sandwich with Raspberry Jam

Straight from New England to your mouth, Nantucket presents the sable ice cream sandwich: a pure and undying love story. Sable cookies are basically cookie brownies. I know. 

7. La Macelleria Caramello Salato Gelato

Two Italian lads just want to give the world good gelato. If it were up to me, these signori would be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize. Fresh fruit sorbets and pre-dipped pops aside, the salted caramel gelato at La Macelleria is life changing. La dolce vita x1000. 

8. Dello Mano’s Classic Luxury Brownies 

Every Brisbanite knows Dello Mano brownies. These gold-wrapped little parcels of love come in an assortment of flavours from peanut butter checkerboard to honey caramelised macadamia, but there’s no beating a classic. 

9. The Balfour Kitchen’s White Chocolate Pistachio Brownie with Yoghurt Parfait

Balfour’s desserts toe the line between sweet and savoury. The white chocolate brownie is no exception and is a real palate tickler. Make sure you get a bit of everything with each bite to balance the flavours, including the pistachio fairy floss.  

10. South Side Diner’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

This South Side Diner pie is worthy of ‘last meal’ status. Imagine a slice of pie-fection made of creamy peanut butter mousse, with a generous scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge sauce. There’s no other word. It’s mouthgasmic.

11. Bucci’s Bombolini

Italian dessert 101: zeppole are little yeasty doughnut balls and bombolini are filled doughnuts. In this instance, Bucci’s bombolini are filled with creamy panna cotta and salted caramel fudge. It's dessert in a dessert. Dessertception.

12. Flour & Chocolate’s Gonuts

How to host a successful dinner party Step 1: Assemble plate of baby cheeses. Step 2: Present a juicy rack of something. Step 3: Pass off a selection of Flour & Chocolate’s gonuts (croissant x donut) as your own and lap up the compliments. Their four exclusive flavours include salted caramel, white chocolate pistachio, cinnamon sugar and toffee.

13. e’cco Bistro’s Choc Fudge Brownie

Rich chocolate brownie meets sultry peanut praline, joins up with wild cherry and Nutella or nougat gelato for a night of partying in your mouth at e’cco Bistro. Just go with it. 

14. Chur Burger’s Warm Chocolate Brownie 

Chur’s is no ordinary brownie. It’s a massive smash of warm, chocolatey goodness with more chocolate, macadamia praline, more chocolate again, and luscious ice cream. I’ll have one brownie and a stretcher out of here, thanks.

15. Nitrogenie’s Everything

Nitrogenie ice cream is like nothing else. If a Professor Frink and Nigella Lawson had a love child, he or she would make Nitrogenie ice cream for a living. Salty caramel popcorn, coco jam vovo and pecan ice cream pie will all make you weep with joy. 

16. Harajuku Gyoza’s Nutella Banana Gyoza

Follow your sumo-sized dumpling feast at Harajuku Gyoza with a round of crispy fried dessert gyoza, pumped full of melty Nutella and banana and served with a kawaii bowl of ice cream. 

17. Beccofino’s Dolce Pizzas

There is only one thing better than dessert pizza and that is regular pizza. Beccofino’s ‘dolce’ pizzas come in both dark chocolate and berry varieties. Go on – try a slice of paradise. Then another… and another…

18. The Euro’s Ever-Changing Awesomeness

Fancy feasting with a funky edge, The Euro’s changing desserts never fail to steal the show, whether it’s apple crumble with cider sorbet or plum and ginger granola (a current show stopper). 

19. Popolo’s Zeppole Al Cioccolato

You don’t know doughnuts until you’ve tried Italian ‘zeppole’. Popolo’s four balls of orange-sugar-dusted goodness are paired with pistachio crumble and sweet basil ice cream. That's amore. 

20. Customs House’s Crème Brulee with Almond Biscotti

The classic crème brulee at Customs House is the best I have ever had. The best. I have. Ever. Had. Cracking the sugar-burnt surface was like splitting the atom and revealing all the secrets of the universe. Only with more custard.

21. Rogue Bar + Bistro’s Rocky Rogue

This is edible art. Rouge Bar + Bistro have gone rogue on the canvas that is your plate, combining marshmallow, jelly, ice cream terrine, gingerbread tuile, and salted caramel. 

22. Pawpaw Cafe’s Cocowhip Bowls

Gluten free, dairy free and vegan approved—this isn’t your typical dessert! Cocowhip is a sweet treat for anyone with allergies or New Year’s resolutions (what are those again?). Pawpaw turns the coconut water-based soft serve into some pretty sick sundaes too. 

23. Lambert’s Restaurant Bombe Alaska

Lambert’s coconut bombe Alaska with chilled cherry soup and a chocolate cigar is a big pile of meringue goodness, flambéed to perfection in a signature deep red cherry ‘soup’. Drool.  

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