30 Breakfasts You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Brisbane

By Ashton Rigg
4th Aug 2015

Southside Tea Room | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

The struggle was real when it came to compiling this list of iconic Brisbane breakfasts. The hard part? Narrowing it down to just 30. While on a mission to strike balance between all-time Brisbane breakfast favourites and delicious newbies, we came to the conclusion that Brisbane knows how to start the morning right.

Here are 30 breakfasts every self-respecting Brisbanite should have under their belt. Literally. That's a full month's worth of AM meals, or about 15 weekends if you want to pace yourself. We say go for glory.

1. Au Cirque's Chowdown

A single breakfast fit for two, the Chowdown from French cafe, Au Cirque is a monster of a Brisbane breakfast. Poaches eggs, lamb chop, bacon, roast tomato, mushies, rosti, onion jam and sourdough. We'll take one, and someone to carry us home afterwards.

2. Hops Scotch and Beans' HSB 65 Roses

Red velvet hotcakes with lavender honey, mascarpone and berries... AND $2 from each goes to cystic fibrosis research? Take my money, Hops Scotch. Take all of it.

3. Savoury Mince from Harveys

This is one of the most iconic Brissie brekkies from one of the most iconic Brissie restaurants, Harveys; a south-of-the-border savoury feast of spiced mince served in a soft, flour tortilla with poached egg, avocado and sour cream.

4. Breakfast Degustation at 85 Miskin Street

A weekend-only affair with four courses of deliciousness at 85 Miskin, from yoghurt and berry entree to the epic banana-maple-ice cream indulgence that is the finale.

5. Scout's Brekky Salad

Nobody told Scout you don't win friends with salad, so they went ahead and made a breakfast version with garlic butter brussel sprouts, roast 'tato, beets, rocket, egg and Kaiserfleish (fancy ham).   

6. Potato and Fetta Hash Cakes at The Gunshop Cafe

Come on you guys, do we really need to tell you about the pure awesomeness that is golden, fat hashies with herbed sour cream at West End's most iconic breakfast spot, The Gunshop Cafe? Well, we just did.

7. Pineapple Express' CocoWhip

Dessert for breakfast with zero guilt factor? Sign us up! Pineapple Express' cocowhip bowls topped with brownies/Snickers/caramel/Peanut Butter Cups are sinful yet saintly.

8. Bagels at Bowen Arrow

They should really rename these bad boys 'cray-gels'. However you take your boiled bread, with bacon and egg, poached cherries or fresh figs and a creamy schmear, Bowen Arrow have you covered.

9. Smoked Sustainably Sourced Fish at Merriweather

Savoury palates will love this smoky catch of the day, served on rye with poached eggs, preserved lemon, ricotta and sorrel (the rich man's spinach). It's a Scandi delight to match Merriweather's decor.

10. Shouk's Panna Cotta With Smashed Baklava

Shouk's breakfast game is strong, but the jiggly cardamom and honey panna cotta topped with Persian fairy floss wins for both taste and aesthetic. It's just so. damn. pretty.

11. Gauge's Black Garlic Bread, Brown Butter & Burnt Vanilla

Sourced Grocer's sibling, Gauge is doing it for themselves. We love this black-as-night breakfast: it's different and blurs the lines between sweet and savoury.

12. Pain Perdu at Anouk

Anouk holds a lofty but deserved reputation on the Brisbane breakfast scene. Their menu ebbs and flows, but the current incarnation of French Toast is jammed with apple, cinnamon, maple, creamy scrumptiousness.

13. Locavore's Gingerbread Pancakes

Locavore's gingerbread pancakes are like taking a bite out of Christmas, with just a swizzle of local Bee One Third honey. A Brisbane breakfast that's good for your belly and your conscience!

14. Breakfast Cocktails at Canvas

For those who swear the only way to cure a hangover is with more alcohol, Canvas' breakfast cocktails are the answer. We're particularly fond of the cheeky, champers-based Madame Amelie.

15. Billy Kart Kitchen's Crispy Corn Fritters

Breaking fast on the south side doesn't come much better than at Billy Kart.  The crispy corn fritters with grilled avo and heirloom tomatoes are plump and wholesome. Add some bacon. Because... bacon.

16. Southside Tea Room's Huevos Rancheros

A little early morning Tex-Mex from the very hip Southside Tea Room never hurt anyone. Huevos rancheros, breakfast tacos? It's all good. And a dirty chai. Always a dirty chai.

17. Corn Fritter And Haloumi Stack at Lost Boys

Vego, organic and carbon neutral, all without an alfalfa to be seen! We are smitten and regularly stuffed with Lost Boys' sweet potato, corn and feta fritters topped with relish, sour cream and haloumi.

18. Little Loco's Quinoa Porridge

Such health, much quaint. We've been known to go a little loco for this New Farm cafe. Little Loco's coconut quinoa pudding recently morphed into a brown rice and quinoa porridge with toasty nuts for winter, and we're okay with that.

19. The Original Acai Bowl From Kiss The Berry

Kiss The Berry have absolutely nailed this soft-serve superfood. Organic purple goodness is topped with bananas, strawberries, chia seeds, granola, and honey.  

20. Smoked Eggs and Duck at Goodness Gracious

The ultimate indulgent brunch item. Special mention also goes to Goodness Gracious' incredible berry clafoutis, with salted caramel popcorn and a peanut butter parfait.

21. Artie & Mai's Bacon And Egg Roll

Sometimes there's just nothing like a simple bacon butty with drippy egg and a dollop of chutney. Thanks for keeping this classic alive, Artie & Mai!

22. The Breakfast Board at Honor Food Co

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Grazers will absolutely want to splurge on this pick-and-mix platter, with sausage, bacon, six minute egg, smoked salmon, smashed av and more from Honor Food Co.

23. Lucky Duck's Duck BATE

Lucky Duck does eggs like a boss—everything they touch turns to golden ooziness. Go for gold with their Duck BATE (Bacon, Avo, Tomato and Egg on a sourdough sanga), and 'king it' with a squeaky slab of haloumi.

24. Israeli Shakshuka at Spring Hill Deli Cafe

This is a feed of epic proportions, spicy, rich and as red as the cafe's facade. This epic breakfast from Spring Hill Deli Cafe will see you straight through to dinner time.

25. Mizu's Breakfast Bento Box

Prefer to start your day the Japanese way with miso soup and okonomiyaki? Mizu in Teneriffe offers not one but TWO breakfast bento boxes for both vegos and omnivores.   

26. Baghdad Eggs at Gerard's Bistro

You didn't know Gerard's did weekend breakfast? Shame on you! The whole menu is just as you'd expect from this James Street powerhouse, but the fried cumin eggs served on flatbread with tahini yoghurt are an exotic standout.

27. Eggs Monica at My Mistress

Are you ready for the main affair? Eggs Monica involve all of our favourite things: fritters, haloumi, avocado and free range eggs. We wouldn't say no to My Mistress's maple bacon French toast either!

28. Dandelion & Driftwood's Mrs Mince

Just like Nanna used to make. This hearty savoury mince dish from northside fave, Dandelion & Driftwood is a hark back to classic Australian cooking and we reckon it's a true blue winner.

29. Avo and Strawberry on Sourdough at The Jam Pantry

While the boards continue to flip at The Jam Pantry, we hope they won't do away with this insane combo. If Heston has taught us anything, it's that flavour can be found in the strangest of unions.

30. Aunty Five's claypot eggs at Cafe O-Mai

Humble Annerley abode, Cafe O-Maiboasts the best Vietnamese breakfast this side of the Mekong, and Aunty Five's baked eggs, with lemongrass pork sausage, mushies, tomato and tamarind source are our top pick.  

Want more of the best breakfasts in Brisbane? Search 'breakfast' on The Directory!

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