30 Things To Do In Brisbane Before You Turn 30

By Jessica Pridmore
9th Jul 2016

30 things to do in Melbourne before you turn 30

The big 3.0. When did life become so serious? I remember like it was only yesterday graduating from university and taking an obligatory gap year around SE Asia with my besties (the less we touch on that the better). I worked in a bar, had minimal responsibilities other than fuelling my unhealthy Doritos addiction and paying my phone bill. Life was great.

And then, life just sort of happens. You get a job—one that actually pays the bills—, you start to go to the hairdresser regularly, you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, and really really like kale salads. Maybe you get a dog. In a blink of an eye, your former wild-child ways like staying out past 1am and not worrying if you’ve drunk too caffeine in one day, or how many calories are in a frozen margarita, melt away, and all of a sudden you’re approaching the end of the first third of your life. What the actual fuck.

I’m not scared of turning 30, per se, just taken by surprise that it’s come around so freaking fast. Maybe it’s my age; I’m getting forgetful… So, if like me, you’re about to adios your carefree twenties, print off this list and make the most of your last months of deliriously, blissfully naïve youth.

Here’s 30 pretty great things to do in Brisbane before you turn 30:


1. Ask for a raise. Seriously, that deposit on a house isn’t going to save itself.

2. Work on your rad moves at a Yo! Yoga hip-hop yoga class. Just don’t pop a hip IRL…

3. Walk the Brisbane River boardwalk, and appreciate our gorgeous city.

4. Go indoor trampolining at Bounce.

5. Start and end a night out on Caxton Street. What happens at the Caxton, stays at the Caxton.

6. Work your way through Brisbane’s Best Cheap Eats Brekky Edition. Every little saving counts.

7. Go to Brisbane Festival at least once!

8. Eat your way through all of Brisbane’s best croissants. Butter is great for your digestive health… 

9. Check out what the deal is with this cat café (for the record, I’m more of a dog person).

10. Eat a Dagwood Dog at Gerard’s Bar. It’s made from sobrasada, so it’s totally grown up.

11. Drive a car that you actually own to Eat Street Markets' Drive-In Open Air Cinema.

12. Finally start working on that summer body in winter (it’s not like we don’t have the weather for it).

13. Throw your bra onto the taxidermy moose at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall.

14. Dine at Quay. Big girls be big spenders.

15. Get drunk on a tour of the XXXX brewery and buy a tonne of merch.

16. Eat the penne arrabbiata at Death Star Canteen. Get all the laughs you can get before they turn into permanent lines on your face.

17. Watch a sunrise from the summit of Mount Cootha (cycling spandex optional).

18. Play fast and loose with your vocal chords at Fat Louie’s Karaoke. The drinks are cheap and the rooms are dark enough to spare your shame.

19. Drink your way through the cocktail list at The Laneway.

20. Go to a free event at GOMA. People in their 30’s have savings, of which I currently have none.

21. Have one last hurrah on James Street with your credit card. camargue, Calexico, Maryon's, we’re looking at you!

22. Treat yourself to a spa day at One Wybelenna, for some adult zen time.

23. See a show at QPAC.

24. Eat five strawberry sundaes at the Ekka, and vomit on your shoes down sideshow alley.

25. (Almost) die of exhaustion climbing Mount Tibragagan, and wonder how all those famous people hike the Hollywood hills every day.

26. Drink champagne at Eleven rooftop bar!

27. Dance all night, Espresso martini in hand, at Bar Pacino

28. Buy a box of I Heart Brownies for a friend, and eat them all in the car on the way home.

29. Stop asking people where they went to school. They’ll only ask you back, which will inevitably lead to the dreaded question, ‘what year did you graduate’?

30. Celebrate (or commiserate) your turning 30 by drinking copious amounts of rosé and too many whisky shots at The Gresham. Wash it down with a half-eaten cheeseburger from Red Hook. Because real grown ups can hold their wine and hard liquor…

Image credit: Punchbowl.com

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