5 Ways To Nail Your Wellbeing This Summer

By Katie Stow
6th Nov 2017

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Each year, there’s that expectation that summer’s the time you’ll be feeling your best, looking your best, and just generally living your best life.

To help you get all those glowing vibes, we’ve teamed up with the guys at brand-new integrative medicine practice River Tree Health in West End. More the feel of a luxe day spa than a doctor’s clinic, the team, which includes doctors, gut health specialists, naturopaths, and psychologists, focus on genuine wellness through personalised programs that cover the whole you, getting right down to down to the nitty gritty of anything that’s making you feel less than your best.

Who better to help us bring you 5 ways to nail your wellbeing this summer?

Make Friends With Your Body

Okay, you don’t need to read this to know drinking or eating until you’re sick is not the path to your best self. I mean, never say never (if you don’t eat until you pass out, do you even Christmas?) but with so many social occasions around the festive season, it’s easy to do too often. If alcohol, sugar and caffeine are becoming your go-tos, look at supplementing with nutrients such as magnesium, b complex vitamins and zinc, and being proactive with your diet.

If you’re unhappy with your eating habits, another tip is to look at how you’re eating, not just what. We’ve all been known to mindlessly guzzle food without even being totally conscious of it, or eat a lot of chocolate when we’re not even hungry. “We work with EFT, a science based technique our clients can then use at home to reduce their cravings, and mindfulness, which can help reduce unhealthy eating habits,” says River Tree's health psychologist Pia. "The main point to remember though: if you do overindulge, don’t beat yourself up about it. What’s worse than a massive binge? One you feel guilty about—the mental punishment’s just bringing you down even more."

To sum up: if you’re going to eat or drink it, own it, enjoy it, and move the heck on.

Get The Better Of Stress

Wrapping up the year at work, a hectic social calendar, organising holidays, dealing with the fam, the pressure of Christmas—summer has a rep for being cruisy, but it can also have zero chill.

"Your mental state has a legitimate effect on your health, so it's crucial to consider it even when you're trying to improve your physical wellbeing," says Pia. “One of our programs helps busy people come up with a stress plan that doesn’t involve turning to sugar, caffeine and alcohol, like not blaming yourself for things out of your control, training your attitude to be flexible, and seeing setbacks as temporary.”

Our fave? Think of three good things from each day before you drift off to sleep, which will train your brain to start noticing positivity, not negativity. Genius!

Take Control Of Your Health

Feeling blah? Always popping pills for something or another? Heaps of us put up with not feeling our best, because it’s hard to put our finger on exactly why. An integrative medicine approach at River Tree Health will getting to the root cause of whatever’s going on, like addressing your gut health or hormones, instead of just masking the symptoms.

"Poor gut health can have so many effects on the rest of your body, like energy, depression, weight, skin, food cravings and intolerances... things you might not even think are connected," says River Tree's integrative medicine practitioner Julie. "Addressing it can help with so many other conditions you might be struggling with." 

Although your immune system will definitely notice a boost, improving your gut health isn’t just about not being sick. Seriously, most people don’t even know how awesome they’re actually meant to feel, all the time.

Feel Your Best Self

We’ll admit it, we’ve tried a few fad diets in our time. But being a healthy weight is not about the quick fix (when will we learn?) and there’s a lot of confusing info out there. But paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, low-calorie, or low fat, there’s one thing they all agree on, and that is veggies = good. "Incorporating more plant-based food and meat-free meals into your diet is a sure-fire way to feel great; think improved gut health, a healthier weight, and more energy," says River Tree Health practice owner Michelle. 

Exercise has benefits like weight loss, energy, sleeping better, dem gainz…. It’s a total no-brainer. But instead of pounding the treadmill, spend more time outside in nature. Sunlight is one of wellbeing’s best mates: it wakes you up, boosts your vitamin D, improves skin conditions, lifts your mood, and so much more. Plus you’re much more likely to stick to moving your body in a way you enjoy.

Travel-Proof Your Tummy

Ah holidays; that blessed time off you’ve been waiting all year for. The worst-case scenario? Heading overseas and being struck down with a case of the dreaded Bali (or wherever) belly. Ain't nobody got time for that: taking a proactive approach like River Tree Health’s Traveller’s Tummy program will fortify your gut health to help minimise any nasty disruptions, provide nutritional support for whilst on your trip and help recover after you’re home.

After some tests, they’ll whip up a personalised plan unique for your gut flora for when you travel, an individual travel pack including gut health first aid, and after you return, they’ll test to see if you’ve picked up any bugs, and finish with a final sesh to bolster your gut health. Now go take that dream holiday, and send us a postcard!

River Tree Health’s specialised integrative medicine programs can cater for any specific health issues, but if you just want to improve your overall wellbeing, pop in for a consultation and they have you feeling really, really, ridiculously good in no time. And, they’re currently who are offering 10% off for The Urban List readers (that's you!). They'll look at your overall health and create a personalised treatment plan just for you. What are you waiting for?

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