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6 Hair Trends To Try This Season (And Which Will Look Best On You)

By Katie Stow
16th Aug 2017


Spring is in the air and the winds of change are a-blowin’. It’s around this time of year we start a) becoming mildly alarmed about the state of our post-winter bods and b) craving a hair transformation that will give us all those #newseasonnewyou feels.

This season of rebirth is the perfect opportunity to test out something a little different when it comes to your locks, so we chatted to hair transformation experts at The Ruby Room salon in Nundah about what’s trending big for spring ‘17.

It’s important to remember that slavishly following trends for the sake of it can have unwelcome repercussions (short fringes and curly hair don’t necessarily make the best of friends, for example—thanks 2012). The team at The Ruby Room are pros at keeping up with the hottest trends; translating them into looks that will suit you, your face shape, skin tone, hair type and lifestyle, putting you ahead of the hair game with #noregrets.

Read on for some downright pretty inspo for your new ‘do, and get ready to pick up the phone to make an appointment, stat!

the ruby room

Short for “subtle ombre”, this isn’t your harsh, two-toned ombre from a few years back. It’s all about seamless colour work, and can even integrate your natural root colour so you don’t have to get your regrowth done every 6-8 weeks. You might have to cough up for a bigger cost upfront, but the secondary visit might just need a toner refresher or root touch-up, so it’s a cost-effective option in the long run. Ask for sombre if you want to add natural-looking dimension without a huge commitment—great for low-maintenance gals (or guys). You might see similar techniques referred to as “flamboyage” (a mix of ombre and balayage); ecaille; or tortoiseshell.

keratin treatment

This service has been around for a while but the technology just seems to keep getting better and better, and The Ruby Room’s Kerasilk’s customisable keratin treatment is one of the best going. If you’ve got unruly, frizzy or even slightly unmanageable hair, a Kerasilk treatment is a legit lifesaver coming into the hotter, more humid months (so basically from now on in Queensland).

Not technically a straightening service, Kerasilk will relax your curl or wave, add silkiness and shine, make straightening and styling a breeze, and even make your hair dry faster! It should last 3-5 months if you wash and condition it with the accompanying sulphate-free shampoo and conditioners (hot tip: minimise your hair’s exposure to salt water as much as you can too, as it’ll strip the keratin). You can colour your hair over the top, just make sure you space a keratin and a colour two weeks out from each other.

hair trends

Just when you’ve finally got your head around contouring your face, now it’s all about contouring your hair. But hear us out. Like makeup, this colour technique can either enhance facial features or minimise them, drawing attention to or from your eyes, cheekbones, forehead or jaw. Otherwise known as strobing or eclipting, it’s great for anyone whose hair is bob length or longer. Depending on your existing colour and the look you’re after, this technique can actually be applied pretty quickly, just using flashes of lightness and shadows to help put your best face forward.

colour melt

It just sounds pretty, doesn’t it? A colour melt creates purposeful roots with semi-permanent colour that melt into the rest of the hair, ideal if you’re after colour longevity, or like the look of roots but still want to feel lighter overall. If you’re blessed-slash-cursed with fast-growing hair, this is great if you don’t have the time, money or patience to hit the salon every four weeks. A colour melt gives a more natural, lived-in feel, and although it lasts up to 25 washes, it will need a regular spruce-up, even if that’s just with a gloss over the top to bring back the shine. A colour melt can also be called a root shadow or a root stretch (not as pretty, we know).

hair trends

Spring’s a great time to go for the chop, and an asymmetrical bob is serious statement hair. While asymmetry is actually flattering on all face shapes, this look is super-sophisticated and will need styling and blow-drying each day to do it justice. The total opposite of the lived-in, natural balayage looks we’ve been seeing for medium to long hair, this cut is super sleek and needs skilled precision cutting work to get it, and keep it, on point. Take it from us—this look is fierce AF.

peach hair

Rainbow-coloured tresses are a great option for a temporary transformation. Sort of like a spring fling without the commitment. While they’re here for a good time, not a long time, the right care—like the customisable conditioners from EVO Fabuloso Pro—can keep the colour fresh for longer (luckily, they look pretty as they fade out, too). Goldwell’s new range of pastel colours like pastel mint, pastel indigo, pastel peach, pastel lavender and pastel rose all sound good enough to eat, and can be applied all over your hair, dipped on the ends or as highlights throughout. They’re semi-permanent shades that can be left on for 5-25 minutes, depending on how long you want the colour to last, so there’s really no excuse not to embrace a pop of colour.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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