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6 Of The Best Nail Polishes For Every Skin Tone

By Bree Nowland
5th Jul 2017

Winter Nail Colours To Try Now

Picking the perfect nail polish colour is by no means an easy task. With thousands of shades sitting pretty on every salon shelf, from countless brands, it’s a mean feat in itself to even pick a starting point (and stick to it) not to mention all those times we thought we’ve picked the perfect shade —only to be bitterly disappointed the moment it hit our digits.

Just like you match your makeup to your skin tone, you really should be complementing your skin tone with your nail colour. So, yes, it is indeed your skin tone that explains why Selena Gomez’s bright cobalt blue polish of choice makes your fingertips look a little sickly and in need of a serious Vitamin D hit. 

We do like to consider ourselves problem solvers, and rather excellent ones at that. Which is exactly why we’ve rounded up six nail polish shades that look great on every skin tone (yep, every-single-one!). That means zero chance of unflattering nail shades ruining that un-staged (yet totally staged) Insta-shot of you holding up your Friday night beverage of choice. Cheeeeers to that.

The Most Perfect Baby Pink

Essie | Nail Lacquer in Ballet Slippers

Essie Ballet Slippers is a cult classic, an eternal favourite of celeb manicurists across the globe. It’s a pale pink shade that’s slightly translucentUthat will make your nails look clean, polished and put together. Think of it as the tinted moisturizer of nail polish shades. A must have.

The Universally Flattering Nude

CND | Vinylux Nail Polish in Field Fox

A greyish-neutral nude hue that won’t make olive skin tones look dull, yet won’t wash out pale complexions. A shiny topcoat is all you need to complete a perfectly polished outfit. Bonus, this hard-working enamel lasts up to 10 days without chipping. 

nail polish for every skin tone

The Ever-So-Chic Red For Everyone

OPI | Nail Enamel in Big Apple Red

If you’re anything like us, now that summer is over, your wardrobe will consist exclusively of black, black and… more black. Add a pop of grown-up colour with shiny, bright-red red talons. OPI’s Iconic Big Apple Red is a creamy, classic red that isn’t too cool nor warm, perfect for all skin tones. 

The Unexpected Universally Flattering Blue Hue

Mecca Cosmetica | Artistry Nail Polish in Camilla

Have you ever thought “the shade of her blue jeans really don’t suit her”? Yeah. Neither have we. That’s likely because navy is surprisingly, universally flattering! The perfect alternative to harsh black polishes or your go-to deep red... The shade also represents confidence; intelligence and power so sign us up!

nail polish for every skin tone

The Perfect ‘No-Mani’ Manicure Shade

Dior | Nail Glow

If you’re all about channeling your inner French-girl (read: looking put together at all times but never over done), this polish is just for you. It’s a universally flattering ‘nail enhancer’ that brightens nail beds and leaves your digits looking shiny and healthy. Stash it in your desk drawer for when there’s zero time to dash to a salon.

The Colour To Complement Your Glass Of Wine

Jinsoon | Nail Lacquer in Audacity

Vampy burgundy nails = polished and impossibly chiiiic. This rich wine-hued shade sits between a cool dark red and a true dark red, meaning it’ll complement and brighten skin tones from fair through to dark.  

So, there you have it, six universally flattering shades that will work with every skin tone and complete every outfit. You’ll never feel overwhelmed and under pressure in salon again. Crisis adverted. You’re welcome.

nail polish for every skin tone

Now that your nails are sorted, let's work on that outfit.

Design credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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