7 Online Shopping Fails We Can All Relate To

By Rachel Lay
12th Jun 2018

Hands up who’s addicted to shopping. And keep ‘em up if you're that co-worker whose desk is littered in online shopping deliveries pretty much five out of five working days? Yup. We’re all guilty. But if we’re being honest, we’re a little over the whole online shopping fail thing—there’s only so many times a gal can show her face at the post office with an armful of returns.

So, in honour of the launch of our style and design category, we’ve teamed up with 70%-off-deal-kweens DFO to bring you this list of the seven online shopping fails we can all relate to, because such is life.

#1 That "loose fitting" dress is actually a potato sack.

…Or it was loose fitting. Until it met your boobs.

#2 Tracking your parcel meticulously and then watching it just never show up.

Turning around dramatically each time the door buzzes at work or you hear a car pull up outside your house is all of us approximately 20 seconds after we place our orders. Until it never shows up.

#3 Realising that the "m" you wanted to be a loose fit is actually 12 sizes too big.

Oh, past me, you cheeky little devil. This chunky knit I wanted to fit like a comfy winter dream is now trailing along the floor, and approximately 12 sizes larger than was pictured online.

#4 Noticing that the white shirt you ordered is 100% see-thru.

Past me: Ohh I’ll just pick up some basics, I need a nice white tee!

Current me: Nope. You can see what I ate for lunch through this shirt.  

‘Nuff said.

#5 Seeing something you bought online at full price is now 70% off at DFO.

This is soul crushing. Is there any worse feeling on earth than knowing you just splashed your hard earned on cash on something you’ve just seen at DFO for 70% off? Trick question, there’s absolutely no worse feeling.

#6 Trying to find the perfect fitting jeans online. No. Just no.

If you’re any measurements other than Miranda Kerr you can pretty much accept that finding perfect fitting jeans online is impossible. They’re either way too long, too short, too tight on the thighs or too loose on the waist—goddammit, changing rooms we love you.

#7 Saving something in the cart until payday and then it going out of stock when you go to order.

Name a more heart-breaking love story? We’ll wait.

If you’re all kinds done with these online shopping fails, check out your local DFO for discounts up to 70% off, and no fails. 

Editor's note: this article was produced in partnership with DFO. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. To read more about our editorial policy, click here

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