A Letter To Instagram: Your New Logo Is Actually Perfect

By Bianca O'Neill
13th May 2016

new instagram logo

Oh hai there, new Instagram logo straight out of MS Paint. Everyone's been giving you a little too much heat this week, in my opinion—and I'm here to say I don't think that's very fair.

Let's be honest: your first logo was pretty lame, and totally stolen from Hipstagram (if anyone remembers the pre-Instagram days). It was unashamedly hipster-retro. This new logo, however, is 100% on point.

The hipster is dead, as I mentioned in a previous column, and the yuccie is alive and well. And those yuccies want to make sweet bank thanks to their #onbrand feed, and live their dream IRL by invoicing corporates for marble flatlays featuring several branded products (available now). And they certainly aren't going to stay on board the Instagram train if it doesn't understand the difference between a hipster and a yuccie.

The old Instagram logo is the app equivalent of a cafe designing their signage in monochrome, featuring two intersecting arrows and an old-timey font. I mean, that's soooooo 2015. These days, the ironic vintage reference needs to be meta, and most likely 90s in origin. No longer does a yuccie feel something when confronted by bartenders in button up vests chiselling artisan ice into your home-distilled gin. I mean, it all seems so serious.

Yuccies/millenials (ugh) need a level of meme-worthiness in their lives for brands to stay #relevant. We are all living in a material post-ironic internet world, after all. I mean, the fact that the below happened within 2 hours of the release means that your logo was actually totally NOW:

Instagram, don't you worry. You get it. The new logo is the design equivalent of putting speed sunnies on Tony Abbott as he eats an onion. And tbh, that's so very you. And so very us.

I'm lovin' it*. 

*Brought to you by McDonalds' new vegan menu featuring the new salted caramel matcha donut burger

Image credit: Mashable

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