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A Light Exhibition Is Popping Up In Brisbane’s Underground Reservoirs!

By Rachel Lay
8th Sep 2017

If you're a stranger to the Spring Hill Reservoirs, we've got a few questions for you, namely: have you been living under a rock?! These historic artifacts have played host to opera performances and all kinds of other festivities, but now it's contemporary artists Meagan Streader's turn to put her spin on the reservoirs. She's created two humungous immersive art installations that transform the (we'll be honest, eerie) backdrop into something not only really freakin' cool, but also stunning. The installations draw on the architectural features of the underground space using lines of light carefully mapped by 1km of electrolumiescent wire. It's a seriously beautiful sight to behold. 

As if that wasn't enough fun, Queens Street Mall is up next from Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 October, with artist Kinly Grey's "The Size Of Air" transporting Brisbane's striking blue sky down to the pavement for an immersive activation. This pop-up will utilise a transparent cube filled with thick white yeah, it's like you're walking in the clouds!


The Weight of Light

When: Until 23 September 2017, Wed-Sat 12pm - 7pm

Where: Spring Hill Reservoir, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane - See map

The Size of Air

When: 25 to 27 October 2017

Where: Queen Street Mall (outside H&M/Uniqlo), Brisbane

Image credit: images provided by Brisbane City Council 

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