A Rio Olympics Drinking Game To Help You Get Through August

By Sarah Joanna Pope
6th Aug 2016

The Rio Olympics are upon us, bringing with it muscled athletes, 3am ping-pong viewing and, no doubt, a buttload of shots of Christ the Reedemer. 

And though you can’t throw, jump or break a world record—you can drink. So we’ve created this little drinking game for you to squeeze every drop of Olympic glory from this year’s games.

Line up your adult beverages and take a swig every time…

  1. An Aussie wins gold!
  2. An athlete is quarantined for gastro #dontdrinkthewater.
  3. You see a female gymnast that looks like she should be at a Wiggles concert.
  4.  The wrong anthem is played—not that you’ll know.
  5. The runner up can’t hide their scorn.
  6. Someone cries happy gold winner tears.
  7. Someone cries sad my-homeland-is-disappointed bronze medal tears.
  8. The camera stares dreamily into the Olympic flame for maximum feels.
  9. The Russian team is described as 'controversial'.
  10. Women’s volleyball coverage cuts to a butt shot.
  11. And to pictures of the Christ the Redeemer statue—again.
  12. You wish Roy and HG were commentating.
  13. A fist pump is born.
  14. A world record is broken.
  15. Someone says Copacabana.
  16. A diver bellyflops.
  17. Someone says 'biggest games on earth/in history' #sizematters.
  18.  A uniform is so ugly you decide never to visit that country.
  19. A gymnast doesn’t stick the landing.
  20. There’s a tantrum on the tennis court.
  21. A commentator hooks into an emotional backstory #peopleschampion.
  22. You tear up because an Olympic dream dies.
  23. You discover a new country.
  24. Zika is mentioned.

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Image credit: 2oceansvibe.com

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