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We Just Found A Face Spray Designed For Long Haul Flights

By James Shackell
5th Apr 2018


Don’t get us wrong—long-haul flights are certainly convenient. But being trapped for up to 18 hours inside a metal tube, breathing the collective gasses of 200 strangers and watching your face wither into a desiccated husk is still not a whole lot of fun.

But we just found something that might help ease the pain (and nuke the infamous ‘post-flight acne’ outbreak). It’s called Jet Lag Hydration Skin Water from a lil’ organic skincare company called Alpine & Sea.

Yep, a spray that helps fight jetlag. There is a God and he loves you all.

Here’s how it works. Alpine & Sea founder Jen Plahm sources biodynamic, all-natural ingredients from small farms all over the country. She gets Aloe Vera juice, organic Ylang Ylang oil, Fragonia oil from Western Australia, rosewater from Samaria Farm in Victoria (and a few other special ingredients), mixes them into a magic blend, then bottles them from her kitchen in Currumbin.

The result? It’s like getting misted by wood nymphs in a forest glade. It feels like a waterfall is kissing your face. As if all the moisture and loveliness in the world was soaking into your pores, making you not just well-hydrated, but probably a better person.

Basically, you step off your 18-hr flight looking like a freakin’ rockstar.

The ingredients are all organic and bio-dynamic, ethically sourced from small-batch producers around the country. There’s no plastic in the bottles (all glass and recycled paper), and Jen has personally vetted every single ingredient.

Grab a bottle from Alpine & Sea’s online store before your next big flight. Thank us later.

Image credit: Alpine & Sea  

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