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Baring All | We Got Our Kit Off For Art… Would You?

By Jessica Pridmore
6th Jun 2017

“Paint me like one of your French girls”, I said to the iPad stand looming in front of me. I was trying to break the ice…

No, I hadn’t had too much to drink—though truthfully I had indulged in a glass (two) of Dutch courage—I was sitting naked in my hotel room at The Johnson in Spring Hill, wrestling with the timer on said iPad, while trying to strike a pose that immediately hid my muffin top, elongated my neck AND made me look impossibly elegant… Needless to say this wasn’t happening.

So. Why the hell was I sitting naked, alone (to clarify, I had sent my husband to sit outside on the balcony—flopping around the bed striking pose after pose was not exactly my idea of a romantic evening), in my hotel room on a Saturday night? Not for the reason you might think; it was all very PG-rated. Promise.

I was on a stay-cay at The Johnson as part of the Art Series Hotel Group for their ‘no robe’ package. The idea being that you become the muse of your very own life drawing, and get to keep a beautiful, custom-made drawing by one of their resident artists.

I want to state now that this was no vanity quest; you couldn’t pay me to go on the beach in a bikini let alone sit naked for a life drawing session with an actual person, so the thought of getting my very own custom artwork without any human interaction sounded, well, bloody great—and was something that I had never ever considered doing.

How does it work? Simply book a ‘no robe’ package stay at any of their hotels in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Bendigo. When you arrive, book a time that suits to have the camera delivered to your room. You’ll have 2 hours to strip down to your birthday suit and strike a pose (or 50, in my case).

Once you’re happy with your image, it gets sent directly to one of their artists who will sketch a life drawing from your candid snap. Below is an exapmle of what you might receive, though each artwork is completely unique (P.S—this is also not me. Whoever this was clearly is a professional 'sitter'—they used a book for a prop and everything!).

You’ll then be sent your finished artwork to keep forever. I mean, talk about releasing your inhibitions!

The No Robe package is available until June 15, so book your stay for a night you’ll certainly never forget.

The only thing left to do? Deciding where I’ll hang my tasteful nude drawing…

The details

What: No Robe package
When: Until June 15th
Where: The Johnson Hotel

Image credit: Olsztyn

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