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Be Our Guest, Brisbane | Disney Karaoke Is COMING!

By Jessica Pridmore
23rd May 2017


If you didn’t grow up with Disney movies (we’re talking OG Disney here, none of this ‘The Lion King 2,3,4,5’ crap), I feel truly awful for you. Imagining a childhood without the wisdom of Mufasa, the curiosity of Alice, or the cuteness that was all 101 Dalmatians is no childhood at all, frankly.

So, for all you big kids that still listen to the Disney music channel on Spotify, the folks that love nothing more than kicking back with The Aristocats or The Little Mermaid after a hard day’s work, Disney karaoke was made for you!

Release your inner child at Southside Tea Room’s highly anticipated Disney Karaoke night, where, for one night only you can hit those high notes, and dance around like the Disney queen you are. You are Belle, dammit—don’t let no one talk shit about your Disney crooning.

Gather your musical crew, start deciding on your costume—there’ll be prizes for best dressed on the night, FYI—and get practicing your favourite Disney song (mine’s 100% Hercules, ‘I Can Go The Distance’).

There will be two sessions; the kid-friendly matinee at 5pm (for those of you actually thinking about the littlies), then the NSFW big kid session from 8pm.

Group reservations open tomorrow, so spit spot, what are you waiting for? Book your spot HERE!

All together now… ‘In the circllllllleeeeee, the circle of liiiiiife’.

The details

What: Disney Karaoke Night
When: Saturday 17th June, 8:00pm–11:00pm
Where: Southside Tea Room, Morningside

Image credit: Collider

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