Brace Yourselves, Brisbane’s Coldest Nights Of The Year Are Coming

By Jessica Pridmore
14th Jul 2018


And there we thought we could just skip winter altogether... Morher nature has other ideas, guys, leaving us set to shiver these next 48 hours.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts temps to plummet to 6 degrees in the city and minis 1 degrees in Parts of the state. Think that’s bad? Feel for our friends in Warwick who woke to icy fields and frozen lakes—it’s getting wild, folks.

Brisbane’s overnight low in the early hours of this morning and Sunday are the coldest we’ve felt so far this winter, so if you thought we’d copped the worst of it in June, you (like us) were sadly mistaken.

There’s only one thing to do; call off your plans, make yourself a hot choccie and wait it out until some semblance of the sub-tropics returns…

Seriously, if you're after a good hot chocolate in Brisbane, we got you covered.

Image credit: The Day After Tomorrow

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