We’ve Found Brisbane’s Most Authentic Dumplings!

By Clare Acheson
27th May 2015

When the temperature nose dives, we go mad for dumplings. Case in point: right now we are crazy about Brisbane dumpling house, New Shanghai.

The gorgeous restaurant space in Queens Plaza is perfect for long lunches, after-work beers and pot-sticker sessions, while the newly opened New Shanghai express restaurant is not only conveniently placed in the heart of the CBD (inside the Myer Centre to be specific) but is great for speedy lunch-time dumpling runs. Both venues are dishing up some the most authentic dumplings we’ve had the pleasure of trying outside of China. Not content with merely feeding us these awesome parcels, New Shanghai have made a spectacle out of their dumpling mastery, and create them before your very eyes, in what they call “dumpling theatre”. Cute

As well as dishing up some of the best dumplings in Brisbane, New Shanghai serves tasty soups, pan-fried buns, traditional noodle and rice dishes, and some truly epic hot-pots. It’s the perfect place to visit with friends too, so long as they don’t mind sharing!

We asked the team at New Shanghai for their tips on what makes a truly authentic dumpling. Consider this dumpling 101:

1. Fresh ingredients.

The chefs at New Shanghai use only the best fresh, local ingredients, combined with authentic Chinese spices and their amazing culinary skills to create some of the best dumplings in Brisbane. Starting with delicious raw ingredients is the first step in dumpling success!

2. Tender meat.

Much like fresh veggies, tender, top-quality meat is a key ingredient for dumplings that are juicy, tasty and ever so moreish. The team at New Shanghai expertly season and cook top-notch meat that then goes into their hand-made parcels of deliciousness, making for a real treat.

3. Super-thin dough.

There’s nothing worse than heavy Chinese dumplings that don’t get hit that carb and filling portion right on the mark. In the same way, dumplings that fall apart because their casing is too thin obviously aren’t ideal either. New Shanghai use premium dough that is a mere 1mm thick to create each one of their tasty dumplings—pure dumpling perfection!

4. Count the number of folds, people!

The number of folds in the dumpling skin is CRUCIAL to making a dumpling that you’ll be raving about for days to come. A couple of folds just isn’t enough…Ten? Twelve? No, we’re talking THIRTY individual folds to close the dumpling. At New Shanghai, they take the time to do this all by hand—so that you can munch them down in seconds.

5. House-made secret sauces.

I bet you’re going to tell me that the sweet chilli dipping sauce you pick up from the local Asian corner store will do just fine, thank you, but seriously, you haven’t had a true dumpling experience unless you’ve dipped them in a home-made sauce. New Shanghai’s dipping sauces, which are made fresh, in-house, every day, are next level. Ask for extras of the peanut sauce every time, Listers. You can thank us later.

Looking to try some of these delicious creations? We’d have to recommend the pork and chive dumplings, the delicious steamed vegetable dumplings and our absolute favourite, the prawn wonton that come tossed in chilli and drizzled in peanut sauce. Our mouths are watering just writing this!

Craving some of Brisbane’s best dumplings? New Shanghai is open Monday through Sunday for lunch and dinner, and they don’t just do dumplings! Due to the general popularity and awesomeness, bookings are only available Monday to Wednesday for dinner.

New Shanghai | Brisbane

Image credit: Esteban Rivera for The Urban List

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