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Holy Moly | Brisbane Has A Doughnut Bouquet Delivery!

By Rachel Lay
20th Jun 2017


Flower deliveries are great and all, but the one flaw always remains—flowers just aren't a delicious snack. Doughnuts and cupcakes on the other hand? Absolutely delicious. And they're a lot more acceptable to eat. It's for this reason that we were very, very excited to discover Sugar Gathered—a freakin' doughnut and cupcake delivery service!

They're temporarily not delivering to Brisbane, but hang tight: they'll be here soon delivering these babies straight to our 3pm cravings! *waits patiently*

These bouquets don't just have your run of the mill cinnamon doughnuts either, nope, we're talking Nutella stuffed, mini M&M's sprinkled, jam-filled deliciousness. Plus, they do pretty epic cupcakes too. 

Flowers die, doughnuts are forever. 

Image credit: Image via Sugar Gathered.

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