Enjoy The Warm Weather While You Can, Brisbane, A Cold Front Is Coming To Ruin Your Week

By Jessica Pridmore
17th Aug 2018

If someone told me back in June that Brisbane would be sweltering through 28 degree days in the middle of winter, let's just say I'd call them out for talking utter bollocks.

In one of the only times it feels so good to be wrong, Brisbane has indeed exceed all expectations, casting those bitter Ekka winds to the, er, wind, and has been nothing but blue skies and balmy days all week. Go figure..

But, friends, all good things must come to an end. And while this strange but excellent turn of weather-y events has us breaking out the fake tan and thinking about our summer lewk, we're here to break it to you that there's only ONE MORE DAY of this fabulous weather before we have to revert back to the whole 'light layers' situation. Yawn.

According to BOM, Brisbane’s temps are set to soar tomorrow to a delicious 27 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. Sunday, you ask? She's a different beast altogether: highs of 22 and gusty winds are set to have us all rugging up and reverting back to a sort-of-kind-of hibernation situation. Let's not even touch on how it won't get above 23 next week...

In a nutshell, may we suggest cancelling your plans/pulling a sickie/rangling the crew and making that motorway pilgrimage to the nearest beach for a day of glorious sunshine. We might regret saying this, but can summer just hurry up and come back, already?


Image credit: Brooke Darling 

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