Brisbane’s 16 Most Epic Potato Dishes

By Laura Walkley
23rd Jul 2015

Gather around celiacs and vegetarians, because I have a list that will excite almost every dietary requirement under the sun. The plant that brings us vodka (praise the lord) and fries (can I get an amen) has proven itself time and time again in both liquid and solid forms.  

With the versatility of Meryl Streep, everyone’s favourite starchy vegetable can appear on ones plate at any time of the day and be smothered, dipped, fried, baked or roasted. The potato can be as basic or as flamboyant as it well pleases and can almost be considered a staple in the grocery trolley amongst bread, milk and Krispy Kremes.

While I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like, here’s where to find the spud at its best.

Moose & Gibson


If you’re after your spuds at breakfast time, Moose & Gibson’s black pudding potato cakes will curb that craving in a cozy corner of Woolloongabba. Served with fried eggs, spinach and aioli, you won’t find a more original brunch option in Brisbane.


Brisbane CBD

Matt Moran knows his way around a potato. Aria’s truffle mash reminds me of one of those cartoon clouds with a rainbow coming out of it and a unicorn galloping in the background. It’s just magical.

Jak + Hill

Spring Hill

Newbie around town, Jak + Hill presents a pretty impressive breakfast spread, and the stand out? The crispy sweet potato, zucchini and corn fritters which pack in three veggies before 9am. They come with poached eggs and chorizo so you don’t miss out on any brunch fun.

Miss Kay’s

Brisbane CBD

If you’re feeling filthy, then check out Miss Kay’s very bad (in a good way) Dirty Fries. Above average fried potatoes topped with special seasoning, tomato chilli, cheese and sour cream make for an unrivalled fry combination.

Papa Jack’s

Fortitude Valley

If you like your potatoes stuffed then Papa Jack’s has you covered. Their sweet potato stuffed with mushrooms, pinto beans and guacamole is big enough to share. Not that you’ll want to.

Punjabi Palace

West End

Punjabi Palace’s authentic vegetable samosa packages a perfectly spiced potato into a crispy home-made pastry parcel. Their Alu Matar, cubed potato dish should also be ordered and applauded.

Chip Tease

Downey Park Food Trucks

Fry enthusiast food-truck, Chip Tease, is the leader in Brisbane’s potato innovation and is the mastermind behind the up-and-coming trend of dessert chip cones. Their Nutella Signature chip sundae, which sees sweet potato fries smeared with Nutella and chantilly crème, is one to put to the test.

Spaghetti House Trattoria

South Bank

Pasta made from potatoes: a carb combination that could never go wrong. The Spaghetti House offers three variations of their glorious gnocchi, that can be washed down happily with a house red.

Gunshop Cafe

West End  

Gunshop Cafe’s potato and feta hash cakes are a classic. Served up with sour cream, spinach and baby tomatoes the hash cakes are a great alternative to steer you away from your basic avo on toast brunch order.


Brisbane CBD

Farewell Smith’s packet Salt and Vinegar chips, because Public has intervened with a far superior version. The side of salt and vinegar fries at this flash, inner-city Brisbane bar and restaurant should win awards.


West End

While the menu constantly revolves, if you happen to visit Plenty on a week when they are serving the sweet potato and pea pancake with pork belly and poached eggs then, boy, are you in for a treat. Keep an eye out for ‘tatoes, because there is bound to be an organic potato dish somewhere on their endlessly creative menu.

Irving Place

Brisbane CBD

You’ve never seen the humble potato quite like this before. The hash of sweet potato with apple, onion, fried kale, bacon and creme fraiche at Irving Place feels like a fireworks display in your mouth.

Peel Street Kitchen

South Brisbane

What may deceivingly appear as an everyday plate of chips, comes with a side of something that you might not have tried before. Peel Street Kitchen serves their chunky chips with banana ketchup—a South East Asian take on the fried potato.  

Pamela’s Pantry


Pamela’s Pantry is a god send. The little cottage provides home-cooked, take-away food that tastes as good as mum’s. Pamela has quite an extensive list of potato dishes for you to take home and pretend you cooked for your loved one. I would recommend the creamy potato bake, sweet potato patties or the potato and herb frittata.

Blackbird Bar & Grill

Brisbane CBD

I’m imagining a baked sweet potato in a black sequinned dress and kitten heels when I think about this fancy spud dish. Blackbird has a baked sweet potato with caramelised witlof, walnut ketchup and whipped goat cheese.

Pizzeria Violetta


Ah, the potato pizza: was there ever a better example of carb-on-carb action? Pizzeria Violetta’s Rustica pizza pairs thinly sliced baked potatoes with pork and fennel sausage, taleggio, and basil for a truly heavenly combo’.

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