Brisbane’s Absolute Best Avocado Toast Dishes

By Catherine Blake
19th Jul 2018


We’re getting fundamental, taking things back to basics. And what could be more basic than bloody avocado on toast?

Avocado toast’s ability to cement the building blocks of society into a steady, insoluble structure is a mystery known only to short order cooks and pugs in striped t-shirts. We do not know why it’s vital to our survival, just that without it utter chaos would ensue. (I mean, no one’s ever actually tested this theory but it’s safer not to chance it).

Brisbane naturally has some of the best avocado toast on the planet so it’s never easy trying to whittle down our city’s finest to a digestible list. Our winning avocado criteria requires some kind of sourdough or artisanal bread base and at least the option of some variety of cheese. Extra points awarded for details and flair.

Tim Gurner once espoused that avo toast is standing in the way of home ownership, that it is a sigil of the wayward spending bringing our generation to its knees. To that we say ‘Pah!’ and present you with 19 compelling reasons why avocado toast deserves a place in our budget, because we’re determined to have our house and brunch date too.

Careful now kids, don't overdo it and spend your would-be downpayment...

Lewin Street Store


Lewin's avo is the stuff of legend, known in the local community for generous servings and supersized dollops of love to go with the classic combo of avo, feta and lemon on fresh and crispy Leavain sourdough. 


South Brisbane

Guage may be known for their inventive dishes and are reveered for sourcing the finest local produce, but they still serve up the classics—and we love them all the more for it. Veering on the fancy side of the humble avo on toast, Gauge's 'self-smash' avocado with macadamia and green harissa on sourdough will ruin you for life.

Just Earth

West End

These guys don't mess around with boring breakfasts, and when it comes to their avo toast, Just Earth stacks flavour. Their avocado smash comes with a generous dollop of their housemade spiced pumpkin hummus, with freshness from a herb and tomato salsa, sweetness from a balsamic glaze, and some toasted pepitas and house made dukkah for a bit of crunch. And yes, it can be made vegan. 


Highgate Hill

Their menu brings us all kinds of tasty, innovative delights but our basic eyes can only see the new things in avo. Vvaldmeer have taken the fundaments of smashed avo, labneh and poached eggs and vamped it up with a but of fermented chilli and basil oil – just the thing to warm you up. 

Reverends Fine Coffee

Fortitude Valley

We love a comfort feed at Reverends. Their cosy nook makes morning java and breakfast dates a toasty adventure, and when it comes to avo toast they go a little left of centre with beetroot hummus, goats cheese and dukkah with their avo served on hearty rye sourdough and a side of slammin' coffee, of course. 

Kin & Co


The avocado toast at Kin & Co is nothing short of explosive. They take the staple to a new height with edamame beans, chevre, a honey roasted lemon wedge and a sprinkling of sumac and black volcanic salt. We highly recommend adding poached eggs. 

The Corner Store Café


The Corner Store doesn't do anything by halves, and when it comes to avo toast going home isn't an option. Theirs comes with roasted tomato and corn salsa, halloumi, pepitas (for crunch) and balsamic reduction, the fancy bastards. 

My Mistress


My Mistress is perfect for a cheeky little rendezvous. That’s what their avo smash goes by, and it makes sense since this is one breakfast date that will quickly become a long-standing meeting for it’s purity of smashed avo on sourdough with labneh, olive oil, lemon, fresh tomatoes and dukkah.

Day Made


Their main focus may be specialty coffee but when it comes to food Day Made just does simple stuff spectacularly well. Ergo, their avo smash on the thickest, crunchiest toast with a poached egg and the best part of a whole avocado, plus lemon myrtle oil and herb trimmings.

She Bangs


The avo toast at She Bangs is a vibrant smash that about as close to an artistic statement as avocado can probably be. With grilled halloumi, fruit salsa, balsamic, and a smatter of chilli dust served atop a charcoal sourdough, this grungy rebel really hits the spot on a Saturday morning.

Sourced Grocer


Subtle wisps of genius pervade what is otherwise a pure and classic avo toast at Sourced Grocer. Think hefty avo chunks on the most amazing house made sourdough with smoked labneh, olive oil and softy soft micro herbs.

Morning After

West End

These guys made their name sprucing up boring breakfasts, and their avocado on toast is no exception. Seated on dark and crispy pumpkin loaf, Morning After’s chunky avo segments are offset by creamy labneh, pickled onions, za'atar and a final drizzle of paprika oil.

Scout Cafe

Petrie Terrace

Understanding the emotional attachment we have to our avo and our toast, Scout’s contribution to the toastsphere is a blank canvas and totally customisable. Their avo dollop comes with your basic congress of joys, feta, herbs, olive oil, lemon, plus the option to add any one of their sides from Kaiser bacon, eggs and haloumi to cheesy potato bake, roast mushrooms, and even more avocado.

King Arthur

New Farm

This hearty farm feed is exactly what you need to start your day in the urban wild. King Arthur serves their avocado on house made harissa garlic bread with pickled cauliflower and smoked labneh for a singeing experience first thing.  

Goodness Gracious


If you’re after something a bit different Goodness Gracious has renovated the avo toast well beyond the norm. Theirs comes with baba ganoush, labneh, and falafel crumb for a Middle Eastern slant that’ll silence anyone who tells you ‘you can make avo on toast at home’.

The Single Guys Coffee Co.


Big fans of not overthinking it are the Single Guys in Kenmore. Brunches here are an idyllic, leisurely time made all the more idyllic and leisurely with a serve of their classic avo on toast with feta and watercress, dukkah and lemon oil. Goes down marvellously with a side order of their spectacular java.

Neighbourhood’s Rainworth General


Like a work of art on the plate and in my chops, Rainworth General’s avo toast is a good-looking feast. At the moment we’re digging the chevre, roast hazelnuts, apple cider, and fresh garden herbs to go with the avo on crispy pumpkin sourdough. 



Naïm has been wowing locals with their avo toast since the days when they called themselves Shouk. This sparkling example of brunch features avo smashed on sourdough with Persian feta, dukkah, pomegranate gel and two poached eggs.

Lokal + Co

West End

Not even Scandinavian cafes are immune to the intense allure of avocado in the mornings. That said, Lokal + Co isn’t about to do a standard avo smash, theirs comes on quinoa sourdough with some added flair from kale and pepita pesto and parmesan. 

Penny Coffee Co.

Dutton Park

With a decidedly Middle Eastern slant, Penny Coffee Co's avo toast is a flavoursmack right in the gills. With marinated feta, spicy chickpeas, pomegranate salsa, sumac labneh, and a sprinkling of dukkah and lemon, this avo smash is a multi-levelled firework of a breakfast that'll send you headlong into the rest of your day. 

Not into the whole smashed avo thing? That's cool, you're probably into croissants (who isn't?). Get Brisbane's best croissants right here.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson for The Urban List

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