Brisbane’s Best Bibimbap

By Rachel Lay
23rd May 2016

Bibimbap, for those who aren’t familiar, is a Korean rice dish that is all kinds of delicious. Traditionally served in a stone hot pot, the best part is the crispy rice at the bottom and the gochujang (kind of like chilli paste) mixed up with the fresh vegies and your topping of choice. If your mouth’s watering and you’re wondering where you can get your hands on some of this Korean deliciousness, then keep reading. If you’re already well acquainted with bibimbap, then keep reading too, your faves are probably already on this list!

Maru Korean BBQ

Maru has a whole load of Bibimbap options on deck. There’s satay chicken, spicy fried chicken, beef, spicy pork, vegies and chicken curry. Yikes, that’s a lot of bibimbap. If you want our pick, it’s gotta be the traditional option. But, if you’re looking to splash out then the spicy fried chicken is a winner. Trust us!


Madtongsan is a stalwart hub of Korean cuisine in Brisbane. While their KBBQ is impeccable, we can’t go past their bibimbap. They keep their offerings pretty simple and don’t stray too far from tradition, but we aren’t complaining ‘coz it’s delicious! If you aren’t feeling too adventurous there’s an alternative to the raw beef and egg yolk with cooked beef or chicken and a fried egg. Or, you can go wild and opt the tuna sashimi bibimbap or the fish roe offering. Can’t we just order everything?!


Noritor is kind of awesome. This chic spot is all exposed brick and timber and epic eats. Perfect combo, right? The butter kimchi is our fave bibimbap on the menu, but there’s a whole bunch of other options that are equally delicious. The bulgogi (Korean marinated beef) is divine, and you can’t go wrong with the classics like raw beef or fish roe. But, if you’re feeling like something different we recommend the the tuna mayonnaise. Sounds weird, but it’s epic!

Bull Bar

Bull Bar caters to the carnivorous and herbivorous bibimbap fans. With stone pot and normal bowl offerings, this is the perfect place to stop by for a quick Korean lunch with all the sides. Or, order big and make a feast out of it. The kimchi cheese bibimbap is so wrong it’s right, and we reckon it has the powers to convert even the biggest sceptic! 

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Image credit: Korean Bites

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