Brisbane’s Best Boozy Lunch Locations

By Catherine Blake
30th Jul 2015

As the only meal you can eat in sandwich form with a glass of Chianti without anyone raising an eyebrow, lunch is the quirky aunt of daily sustenance. The bridging meal between pancakes and pot roast, lunch has got to be my favourite meal of the day simply because everything is fair game. Never have the words ‘that’s an odd choice’ been uttered about a lunchbox, literally never. It is this very fact that sparked the concept of a boozy lunch and made it socially acceptable to drink a martini with a salad.

On our intrepid search for the best places to host a boozy lunch in Brisbane, we’ve struck upon a few crucial criteria for potential candidates:

Must serve lunch;
Must serve booze; and
Must stay open until at least early evening.

Behold, our beloved roadmap of the best places in Brisbane to get a daytime hammered*:

The Oxford Tap House


There are tonnes of carbonated joys to be had at a long-ass lunch at The Oxford Tap. Tuck into some tapas and or a few hefty sangas and get boozy on a trip down the anthological list of craft beers guaranteed to leave you legless.



South Brisbane

There’s nothing like a backdrop of the river to create the illusion of a frozen moment in time. With its sweeping vantage of Brisbane’s premier water feature, Stokehouse makes it all too easy to get sucked into the euphoric vortex and wile away four hours on a boozy lunch.


Spring Food & Wine

Brisbane CBD

Inner-city workaholics have long become acquainted with Spring’s deliciously convenient tuckshop lunches, but next time you’re ducking down for a chomp, stick around for a flip through their wine list and maybe pop a few corks over a slightly longer-than-necessary boozy lunch with the kids from marketing.


The Charming Squire

South Bank

Progressive dinners are overrated. For an all-your-needs-satisfied, 7-hour lunchathon you can’t go past a session at The Charming Squire. Kick back with a banquet of share plates and a few gallons of ale and lunch like the second-tier aristocrats you never knew you were.


Yard Bird Ale House


Keep your bells and whistles; this is a hard-hitting lunchspot for serious drinkers only. It is actually impossible to visit Yard Bird without ordering a jug which, combined with their succulent wings and burgers, makes it a positively smashing spot to spent a boozy afternoon.


1889 enoteca


‘Boozy’ is probably too casual a word when it comes to the nectar of 1889 enoteca’s exceptional wine cellar, so maybe ‘ambrosial’ would be a more apt description… Famed for the refinement and classicism of their dishes, 1889 enoteca is the upper-cruster’s ultimate spot for a leisurely and languid ambrosial luncheon.


The Regatta Hotel


How does a nice steak with all the fixings and a bottle of cab sav sound? Like a midday mission at The Regatta, that’s what. Book a table and a variety of ice buckets and the Boatshed will set you up nice with a porterhouse, sirloin, or if you’re out with some stockbrokers, get the aged beef. Just do it.


Madame Wu

Brisbane CBD

The foxy lady on the riverfront is such an alluring force you’ll come for lunch and stay until twilight. There’s nothing like Madame Wu's duck buns to set tongues wagging and a couple of her sharable cocktail jugs to set you and the crew on a flamboyant luncheon of dizzying splendour.


*The Urban List endorses the responsible consumption of alcohol. Under no circumstances is it ok to have a pint without a snack.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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