Brisbane’s Best Coffee Without The Queue

By Phoebe McRae
21st Nov 2016

Best Coffee Melbourne Hey You

Coffee is (quite obviously) the most important meal of the day, but there’s nothing worse than running late for work—or missing a meeting—because you’ve had to wait so damn long for your morning dose of liquid gold.

We take our caffeine very seriously (like the rest of the human population) so we’ve teamed up with Hey You and Visa Checkout—who also hate cold coffee and long lines—to hunt down the best of the best coffee in Brisbane, where you can totally beat the queue and get on with your day. But first, we need your help and your votes to find the very best coffee in Brisbane.

To give you just a taste of some of Brisbane’s best cafes in the running (and the type of tough decision you’re about to make), keep reading…

Rotating the offerings weekly, John Mills Himself uses a high-tech Hario V60 filter to make in house hot brews for all the suits in the city, but their leafy hole-in-the-wall sister café, Bunker (in Milton), lures caffeine addicts from all over Brisbane for their killer straight up espresso. Which would you choose?

Morning After in West End is well worth waking up for (especially their specialty brew pour over), but the guys at Corner Store in Toowong have saved so many students lives it’s basically a local hero and just what you need after a night of no sleep… did we mention that we need your help deciding?

The one thing these coffee kings (and all the other finalists) all have in common is a major lack of lines (if you haven’t downloaded Hey You App, do it now, and never wait for coffee again) and VOTE for the café you think brews the best beans and help us find the hottest coffee in town.

For doing so, you’ll get a FREE coffee and go in to the running to WIN $5000 to spend on Visa Checkout. Don’t be like America, VOTE NOW.

Editor’s note: This article is proudly sponsored by Hey You and Visa Checkout and endorsed by The Urban List. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make The Urban List possible. Click here for more information on our editorial policy.

Image credit: Anita Wilhelm

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