Brisbane’s Best Halloumi Everything

By Anna Jefferis
5th Oct 2016

Brisbane’s Best Halloumi

Here at The Urban List we're all about finding new ways to incorporate halloumi into our every meal so, we've put together a list of our favourite halloumi dishes. Because, let’s be honest, cheese is quite literally the greatest thing ever created (sorry vegans!).

Halloumi and Avocado | Corner Store Cafe


It's a known fact that no breakfast is complete without halloumi. The Corner Store Cafe in Toowong knows what they're doing when it comes to brekky so there's no surprise that their avocado on toast is paired with our favourite brekky cheese. They don't go stingy on the serving either, so prepare yourself for a feast of avocado, chilli pesto, and halloumi goodness.

Halloumi Burger | Hoo Ha Bar


Don't get me wrong I love a good juicy meat patty as much as the next person but at Hoo Ha Bar in Southbank you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a meat-less burger, especially when its substitute is halloumi. They do a delish fried halloumi, eggplant, tomato, rocket, and chutney burger that has our mouth watering and will leave you thinking "meat patty, who?".

B-Hal-T (Bacon, Halloumi, Tomato) | Lady Marmalade

Stones Corner

Lady Marmalade have put their very own twist on the classic BLT with their B-Hal-T, and we like it! This all-day breakfast joint in Stones Corner knows what the people want — less lettuce and more halloumi, so that's exactly what they've done. Enjoy the vintage retro feel of this funky lil’ cafe while feasting on your B-Hal-T (it'll be hard to go back to the original once you have tried it).

Halloumi Pita | Little Greek Taverna

West End

If my year 10 history knowledge serves me right, Cyprus (the original home of halloumi) was once part of Ancient Greece and because I'm almost positive Aphrodite would've munched down on some of the cheesy goodness had she still been around, I know that Little Greek Taverna in West End have the goods. Halloumi features heavily in many of their dishes but because we all know it's the real star on its own, our recommendation is the Halloumi Pita in all its glory.

Tequenos | Bloodhound Corner Bar and Kitchen

Fortitude Valley

It's pretty obvious halloumi is amaze. But, we haven't even discussed deep fried halloumi yet! It's basically common knowledge that deep frying anything makes it significantly better. Bloodhound Corner Bar in Fortitude Valley have the perfect deep-fried halloumi snack to answer all your prayers. The tequenos (basically fried cheese sticks) are made with wonton pastry, filled with halloumi and jalepenos and served with guacamole.

Halloumi Fries | The Yiros Shop

South Brisbane

What do you get when you deep fry a stick of halloumi, season, and dip into a sauce of your choice? A halloumi fry, that’s what, and it’s as great as it sounds. The Yiros Shop have just started frying up these little suckers, so you’d best get in quick as they’re sure to garner a line.

Maple Bacon with Halloumi | Spring Hill Deli Café

Spring Hill

Halloumi can take a meager breakfast and make it magical. Add it to an already kickin’ fast breaking meal and you’ve got a Brisbane breakfast for the history books. Spring Hill Deli’s Maple bacon with halloumi is a decadent brekky we only reserve for special occasions (Saturday is a special occasion, right?).

Breaky Bowl | Hallowed Grounds Espresso

Mt Gravatt

If you love halloumi a whole lot but you're trying to be on the healthier side of life, head to Hallowed Grounds in Mt Gravatt and pick up one of their breaky bowls. Filled with all the good stuff, such as pumpkin, avocado, softly poached egg and of course halloumi, you can leave feeling satisfied and guilt-free.

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Image credit: The Yiros Shop 

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