11 Of Brisbane’s Best Tried-And-Tested Hangover Feeds

By Alex Topakas
18th Aug 2017


The hangover. A sickly and overly unpleasant experience the morning after consuming (and, er, regretting) a forgotten amount of tequila shots. As we mature, so too does our ego, and being seen in the Maccas drive-thru in pink polka-dot pyjamas with notoriously dark sunglasses just won’t cut it. If the staff know your name, even worse. 

You’re kidding yourself if you’ve never admitted to devouring a double beef, maple bacon and jalapeño burger after a big night out. Added a hash brown or two in there? Why not. As our love-hate relationship with alcohol persists, so does our quest to find the perfect ‘cure’ for our hangover. 

The search for the best hangover food in Brisbane continues and we are here to help. Here are 11 of the best life-saving eats to help lighten that regret.

From all at TUL, we wish you a speedy recovery.

Bag Of Cheeseburgers From Ben’s Burgers

West End

American-style eats are always a good option when you're languishing in hangover hell. Ben's Burgers are famous for their good looks and classic flavours making them a no-brainer for burger cravings. Turbo-charge your order with double helpings of Wagyu beef to go with the golden melted cheese, pickles and special house sauce on their signature cheesy. Big fat wag-yes. 

Banh Mi At Café O-Mai 


What could be better after a rough night on the turps than a barrel of crisp, golden, gluten-y goodness? Served with a spread of delectable paté, sweet carrot, your choice of marinated chicken or beef and topped off with fresh coriander, Café O-Mai's traditional banh mi is perfect for a carb-fuelled hit to get you back on your feet. If old school flavours aren't your vibe, fear not, Café O-Mai offers a load of other iterations including a bacon and egg baguette that is kind of incredible. Chase it up with a super sweet Vietnamese iced-coffee and your hangover doesn't stand a chance.

Ze Loaded Chips At Ze Pickle

Fortitude Valley

Other than their very sinful, very delicious burgers, Ze Pickle knows the way to any hangover heart if you can't quite stomach a quarter pounder. Enter, Ze Chips. Their classic fries coated in ipa beer cheese sauce, topped with maple glazed bacon bits and ZP special sauce. They're dirty, and they're absolutely wonderful.

brisbane's best hangover food

Chicken And Waffles At Kettle & Tin


What happens when you combine two cracking hangover cures on the one plate? Certifiable excellence, that's what. Graduating summa cum laude is Kettle & Tin with their chicken and waffles: crispy chicken thighs with spiced mayo, maple butter and spring onions. Savoury, crisp and so very, very satisfying, this is one feast that won't let you down. 

Harvey’s Breakfast Tortilla

James Street

What better way to spice up your hangover recovery than with brunch at Harveys? The James Street institution has nursed many a Brisbanite through a vicious hangover with their breakfast tortilla stuffed with spiced mince and with a poached egg, avocado and sour cream. Goodness gracias!

Loco Moco Mash-Up At Mizu


Fun fact: Teneriffe's favourite Japanese does breakfast on weekends! If your hangover demands a slightly more inventive feast look no further than Mizu's breakfast menu and, in particular, the loco moco. This Japanese spin on a Hawaiian breakfast features a grilled beef mince pattie, fried egg and green salad on a bowl of steamed rice, topped with sesame sukiyaki gravy sauce. *Drools*. 

MaMuffin At Morning After

West End

Of course the Morning After’s sausaeg and egg muffin would make the list - this is a cafe made specifically for satisfying all your hangover needs! Modelled on the dank and dirty Maccas version, Morning After gives your guiltiest pleasure a schmick reworking so you can fool your brunch buddies into thinking you've matured (HA!). It features sausage, fried egg, American cheese and spiced pickled chutney on an English muffin and also comes with a hash brown on the side because they know how much you need the carbs. 

brisbane's best hangover food

Breakfast Green Bowl At Darling & Co.


Who could say no to a healthy hangover cure? Don't freak out though, Darling & Co.'s green bowl is still damn delicious. With a poached egg, grilled halloumi, kale, avocado, mushrooms and quinoa this tasty bowl is perfect to nourish back from the brink without giving you the guilts later. It also happens to be vegetarian and gluten free so feel free to feel extra pious. 

French Toast Ice Cream Sandwich At Balfour Kitchen

New Farm

Delight in the doughy goodness of Balfour Kitchen's crisp French toast ice cream sandwich with cassis rippled parfait, dulce de luche and fresh strawberries. Pair it with a mimosa from Balfour's breakfast cocktail menu to replenish your vitamin C.  

Buttermilk Fried Chicken From Lucky Egg

Fortitude Valley

Fried. Chicken. Need we say any more? The cool kids behind the basket at Lucky Egg are buttermilk mavens and well-practised at reviving worn-out partygoers. Don't take any chances with a snacky feed though, go all out with Waxman's Whole Bird meal - that's 12 pieces of buttermilk fried chicken with large slaw and fries, guaranteed to get you back to the semi-normal condition you were in before vodka went and ruined it all. 

Scout Cafe's Famous Breakfast Bagel

Petrie Terrace

Dubbed Brisbane’s best breakfast bagels, Scout's breakfast bagel is the definitive standard to which all other breakfast bagels are held. Featuring a fried egg, a cut of thick and crispy kaiser bacon, chedder, rocket, tomato and finished off with a dollop housemade relish on a crispy toasted bagel this is one hangover feast worth the anguish. You can even add a cheeky slice of haloumi or avocado to take your bagel to the next level. 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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