Brisbane’s Best Pie for 4th of July

By Laura Walkley
4th Jul 2015

South Side Diner | Image Credit: South Side Diner

We hail a lot of innovations that emerge from our influential neighbour, the United States of America. Ryan Gosling, Orange is The New Black and Fried Chicken are a few standouts that we wish had come from the land down under and we’d happily adopt Barack Obama as our next Prime Minister. 

More American style diners have been popping up around Brisvegas in the last few years and the 4th of July is the perfect time to embrace the freedom to indulge in some silly food on a holiday that has no relevance to Australia whatsoever.  Case in point, classic American pie. Here’s where to get you some.

Mighty Mighty

Fortitude Valley

Get a serving of fruit in with a Blueberry Mousse or Key Lime Pie in amongst the Yankee vibes reverberating from the walls of Mighty Mighty. A slice of either of these bad boys is wayyyyy too good to be shared.

Buffalo Bar

Brisbane CBD

Sweet Sam Adams, it’s your day to embrace freedom, which means letting all restraint go and wolfing down the Mississippi Mud Pie at Buffalo Bar. Layers of chocolate biscuit, brownie, mousse, vanilla cream and chocolate gelato will send you into a food coma. The warm apple pie with spiked eggnog custard will have you tearily singing the first line of the star spangled banner on repeat (let’s be honest, it’s the only line you know). 

Carolina Kitchen 


The very authentic hot-dog joint, Carolina Kitchen has got a range of extraordinary sweet pies. Pumpkin, cherry, pecan and key lime pies can be washed down with a Dr Pepper soda to transport your tastebuds to the land of the free. 

Dandelion and Driftwood


It doesn’t get much more American than this. Dandelion and Driftwood are serving up a Peanut Butter Whoopie Pie, a combo between a cookie, pie and a cake and the best thing to have come out of America since Zac Efron. I think Honey Boo Boo would approve. 

Blue Raven


Blue Raven’s peanut butter and dark chocolate tart is close enough and delicious enough to include in this earth-shattering list. A relative newcomer to Auchenflower, this tart is sure to turn your tongue red, white and blue. 

South Side Diner

South Brisbane

South Side Diner allocates a whole corner of their menu to pies, which is the kind of dedication we like to see in a Brisbane restaurant that calls itself American. The options are kept very patriotic with pumpkin, apple, cherry and of course chocolate peanut butter to tantalise your tastebuds.

Nantucket Kitchen & Bar


Keeping it classic, Nantucket Kitchen & Bar provides on point cherry and apple pies that will taste of New England. Enjoy America’s favourite flavours in the nautical set-up that will take you around the world in a single bite.


Fortitude Valley

Thank God We Trust for the second dessert stomach (which totally exists) because you’re going to need it for Alfredo’s Banoffee Pie. The bustling atmosphere paired with the creamy banana, caramel and chocolate pie is perfection for a night of celebrating general democracy and freedom.

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