Brisbane’s Best Winter Breakfasts

By Ashton Rigg
5th Jun 2015

Billy Kart Kitchen | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

DID YOU GUYS JUST FEEL THAT? The temp totally dipped below 20 degrees! It’s time to do away with the acai bowls—winter days deserve a heartier start. When donning a Snuggie in public just isn’t an option, grab a spoon and let Brisbane’s best winter breakfasts warm you from the inside out. 

Nantucket Kitchen and Bar


You know what’s better than waffles with maple syrup? Waffles with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and sprinkles. No wait, waffles with berry compote. NO, NO, waffles with bacon! On second thought, maybe it’s a bagel kind of day. Yeah, with egg, bacon, avo, feta… or maybe smoked salmon and cream cheese. If you’re stuck umming and ahhing at Nantucket’s offspring NKB Express… we can’t help you.  We’re in the next booth facing the same dilemma. 



Here's a crazy idea: when it's freezing out, why not stay in for a warm winter brekky (cooked by someone else, natch)? The healthy food delivery gurus at Youfoodz have wised up to this little life hack, and have a breakfast menu that's so dang cosy it's like an edible hot water bottie (but a lot more tasty). Their blueberry baked pancakes with honey ricotta are so good you'll be tempted to fool your nearest and dearest and say you made them yourself. Check out their full breakfast menu here, order a week's worth of warm winter day-starters, and treat yourself to a few more mins under the covers.

Artie & Mai


If there are three words that have the power to make a winter’s day bearable it’s ‘all day breakfast’. Artie & Mai sees brunch-hunters flock to Albion for a fix of their ridiculous salted-caramel drenched banana French toast, moreish spring onion hash cakes and sourdough loaded up with mushies, cheese and truffle oil. If you can’t pull yourself out of bed before 3pm, see if you can book in for their brand new supper club. 

Gramercy Coffee & Irving Place

Brisbane CBD

Wintergarden twins Gramercy Coffee and Irving Place really didn’t need to go out of their way to woo us—we're already smitten—but we do appreciate their effort to keep us interested. This winter, Gramercy has added a skillet crumble of pear, blueberry, coconut, vanilla and yoghurt, while her big sister Irving has introduced spiced oatmeal with caramel apple, cacao nibs and chamomile buds. And just like that, we’re morning people. 



The untimely loss of Paddington institution Simpatico hit us pretty hard, but having a shiny new space to brunch in does take some of the sting out. Affinity keeps things simple in the kitchen but devotes attention to the little details, making everything from breads to sauces in-house. Detour off Given Terrace for a hearty morning meal of chorizo-spiked baked eggs, or French toast stuffed with gooey marmalade and cream cheese. 



Warm your cockles this winter with breakfast cocktails from Canvas in Woolloongabba. Down enough and you won’t even think to question what cockles are! Throwing rank as a killer cocktail bar, Canvas sneaks into Brisbane’s breakfast scene with lashings of green eggs, maple bacon and haloumi sangas and Spanish omelets with homemade baked beans. 


West End

West End’s Plenty has been known to dole out creamy bowls of porridge worth copping a bear-mauling for, but it’s the new twice-cooked French toast with poached quince that’s got us excited. For the more savory-minded, duck egg with fried chickpea salad or a slow-cooked lamb shoulder omelet might take your fancy. If you want a winter feast that won’t leave you feeling the need to hibernate afterwards, think Plenty. 

Billy Kart Kitchen


Billy Kart Kitchen is one of those cafes that you should have already eaten at if you live in Brisbane (we did warn you). The suburban café in the coolest little ‘hood on the south side—which I am by no means saying because I happen to live around the corner—plates up some wicked buttermilk ricotta pancakes with banana and coconut caramel. It’s like a giant, caramelised hug, and exactly what you need on a frosty, 17-degree winter’s day. 

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